The fancy five: The five most expensive jewelry sold

    In the middle ages, jewelry and other precious rocks and metals such as gemstones, diamonds, and gold were responsible for building empires, nations, and armies. Such is the impact of these items that it was reason enough to wage wars and burn down cities just for the sole purpose of acquiring these precious materials.

    Nowadays, a lot of changes have made its way in the world and how people think. Even though a lot of change has affected the world, the value of jewelry and other precious stones remain the same or even higher. Rather than being a means of starting empires and armies, jewelry and gemstones are symbols of wealth, status, and power.

    The want and need for jewelry only continue to rise because of its increasing value. Many people claim to invest smartly in jewelry. With the right decisions and timing, an individual can make twice, thrice or even more of what they paid for in the first place. To demonstrate how expensive jewelry and gemstones get, here’s a list of the most expensive items bought. Prepare to be mesmerized.

    Empress Eugenie Brooch – $10.5 million

    Worth $10.5 million, the Empress Eugenie Brooch sold into the hands of Louvre president, Henri Loyrette. Originally made for the wife of Napoleon III by Francois Kramer, the brooch found itself outside of France. The jewelry dates back to 1855 which adds to the value of the item.

    Most jewelry that date back to pre-world war years often change owners. Through war and pillaging, national treasures scattered all over the world. A perfect example of this is the Empress Eugenie Brooch which found itself outside of its home country, France.

    Chopard 201-Carat Watch – $25 million

    Considered as the most expensive watch in the world, the Chopard 201-Carat Watch features 874 diamonds. The three largest diamonds are shaped like a heart and have distinguishing colors apart from the other diamonds in the watch.

    Graff Pink –   $46.2 million

    A Pink diamond is weighing in at 24 karats resting on platinum ring sold for a whopping $46.2 million. Also known for its rectangular shape, Harry Winston was the previous owner. The ring eventually sold at auction and was bought by Laurence Graff who renamed it into the “Graff Pink.”

    Peacock Brooch by Graff Diamonds – $100 million

    The brooch, in the shape of a male peacock, boasts an impressive 1,305 gemstones. The center diamond in the belly of the peacock is a blue diamond that weighs in at 20.02. The total weight of the brooch in karats is 120.81. This jewelry flaunted itself in the TEFAF or The European Fine Art Fair in Netherlands.

    Hope Diamond – $200-250 million

    Since we’re talking about the hundred million, it’s safe to assume that this piece of treasure, the Hope Diamond, is the most expensive gemstone in the world. Due to its fame for its near impossible price tag, the diamond was found deep in the mines of India in 1666. The Hope Diamond currently resides in the Smithsonian Institution where everyone can see it in its full glory.

    Bonus: Pearl from the Philippines – $100 million

    Although it doesn’t have  name yet, this giant pearl in the Philippines was found ten years ago inside a clam.  Estimated to be worth $100 million, the pearl weighs in at 75 pounds. The story is that a fisherman in the islands found it on his net and decided to keep it under his bed as a lucky charm.

    Through the help of his aunt and other city officials, the fisherman was in for a surprise as later reports suggest that the pearl is real and is a one-of-a-kind find. These precious gems are the only ones that grow inside a living organism. Most of these pearls are rare and the ones in the market are either synthetic or grown in farms.

    Palawan is the home to where most of the giant pearls recorded have come from.  The pearl of Lao Tze, was found of the coast of Palawan waters in 1939 and held the record for the heaviest and largest natural made pearl in the world until the discovery of the new pearl.


    Jewelry and Gemstones are the most precious items in the world. People who invest in such pieces take advantage of a lot of factors that can contribute to increasing its value. Age, rarity, quality, and demand are just a few of these qualities.

    Undoubtedly, these pieces of jewelry like the Graff Pink and Hope Diamond captivate a lot of people for its beauty, craftsmanship, and it’s notoriety of being the most expensive jewelry in the world.  These pieces of treasure are gifts from the earth, which a lot of people take pride in when they have possession of those rare and precious materials.

    Rocio Sorurbakhsh
    Rocio Sorurbakhsh
    Rocio Sorurbakhsh is a writer and a blogger who loves writing about jewelry exhibits. He is very interested in natural jewelry and the mystery and fame of these pieces such as the Hope Diamond. When not writing, Rocio enjoys eating at home with his family.

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