Importance of Medication Management in Elderly Patients

    It is senior citizens who require medical support more than any other age group. As one ages, the immunity power tends to get reduced and requires external medicinal support, either to cure an illness or to prevent it. The consumable medicine has proven to be more effective if taken as per the prescribed dosage, combination and time. Despite knowing this fact seniors miss to take their medicine or take it not as prescribed.

    It’s a known fact that seniors hate medicines for so many reasons. One thing, it reminds them about their illness and makes them feel dependent on medicine in order to live. This makes them adamant which turns out be a difficult task for the family members or for the caregivers.

    There could also be reasons such as the sour taste of many medicines, forgetfulness and self-made decisions to stop medication thinking the illness is cured. Amid all this, seniors are forgetting taking medication as prescribed is as much important as the treatment itself.

    Here are 7 tips that help seniors to manage their medications as prescribed by the doctors, for better healing experience and health.

    Changed Mind-set towards Medicines

    It is common for any patient to see the medicine as an additional burden to their pain and seniors not an exemption. Rather than being hard on the adamant elderly, family members should talk to them in an understanding manner and try to explain the importance of taking medicines regularly.

    Segregation of the Pills based on Prescription

    Seniors may find it difficult to remember the pills and their combinations, this may lead to serious complications. To avoid that, help them with clear descriptions explaining the dosage, time and combination. Also, there are many easy pill boxes that will have separate containers for the whole week medications divided by days and even time.

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    Of Course, Reminders

    It is ideal for an elderly to set-up reminders for taking medicines. There are many mobile applications and reminders that alert the senior citizens about medications whenever their medicine-clock buzzes. Help the seniors to set-up the reminders as per the prescription and teach them to follow the same.

    An Eye on the Side-Effects

    Important to monitor closely while taking newly prescribed medicine or changing the medication routine. Side-effects of the medicines can sometimes lead to serious health complications. If you feel any dizziness, irritation or see any rashes on skin after taking the new medicine, contact your doctor without any delay.

    Automatic Refills

    Leveraging the technical advancements, there are some automatic re-fillers that automatically refill the medications and also buzz alarm as per the medication time that has been set. However, seniors should be educated about the functionality of such automatic refills.

    Monitoring the Medication for Seniors

    Medicines and elderly patients never go hand-in-hand. It is imperative to monitor whether the seniors are taking their medicines regularly irrespective of all the reminders and pill containers. Better than the seniors, the family members should know about the medication of the elderly.

    Dispose of the Expired Drugs

    Make it as a habit to check the expiry date before purchasing the medicine. Especially while buying medicines for a long course. If there are any drugs that are of no use or got expired, ensure that they are disposed of.

    Old age is not easy. Elderly go through a lot of physical changes that lead to depression and frustration. It is family members’ responsibility to make the elderly feel that they are not alone and you would stand with them during the difficult phase of their life.

    To make things easier, seniors can avail the medical assistance at their homes by the experienced and well-qualified nurses. The home healthcare service providers offer nursing assistance that includes assisting the elderly in taking their medicines with the right dosage and combinations. Apart from that medicines, these nurses also take good care of elderly by monitoring the vitals, post-operative care and personal assistance.

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    Thilak is the in-house content writer of Healthabove60, the Preferred Geriatric Home Healthcare service provider in Chennai. He mostly writes about health and elderly wellbeing.

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