7 Essential Tips for Seniors to Get Through this Monsoon Season without Any Health Issues

Elderly Couple

During the younger times of life, rain is a joy, a refreshment and a relief from so many things. After the sweltering heat of summer, the drops of rain can be a much-needed breather. However, the rainy season not always is all about refreshment and joy. Especially for the elderly people! It goes a bit hard on the senior citizens. Monsoon brings its acquaintances in the form of viral infections and health-related issues and the seniors are susceptible to get affected by them than any other age group due to their vulnerable immunity.

The gloomy and dull weather makes the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and germs that cause common health issues such as cold, cough, allergies to endangering health complications such as dengue, hepatitis-A, malaria and other viral fevers and infections. It is pivotal to take preventive measures, especially where the elderly are living.

Here are some easy tips for seniors that prevent them from getting affected by the health risks caused by the rainy season.


1. Balanced Diet

The humid weather of monsoon brings down the digestive ability of the seniors. Hence, it is vital to consume fibre contented diet. Fruits, greens and vegetables should be part of the seniors’ diet. Especially fruits such as pears, apples and bananas increases the digestion.