15 Reasons to Eat Banana Everyday

Most people aren’t aware of the benefits of eating bananas and thus avoid them altogether. However, banana is one of the most nutritious fruits available. Not only is the fruit delicious, even the other parts of a banana tree are useful.

Banana is an important ingredient of several South-Indian delicacies, and while they discovered its utility early, banana is now widely considered as one of the most useful fruit. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates, vitamin B6, minerals like manganese and potassium and fibres. South-Indians serve their food on banana tree leaves, and even use them while cooking.

Here is a list of health benefits and uses of bananas:

Pre-workout & post-workout food

A single banana has about 105 calories in it, making it a brilliant source of instantaneous energy. After a workout you’re particularly low on blood glucose levels. Eating a banana refills the deficit quickly and protects your body against any harmful effect of the low glucose levels.

Effective against muscle cramps

Bananas are rich in potassium and manganese. They replenish the body’s mineral store. Thus, if you’re struggling from cramped muscles like after an intense workout or extreme hard work, bananas are big help. Bananas aids in relaxing the muscles and providing protection from further instances of cramps.

Alleviates acidity

Bananas are also proven antacids. They create a protective layer around the stomach lining and reduce acid secretion, thus shielding against acidity or ulcers.

Prevents constipation

The high content of pectins and fibres in bananas improves bowel function, thereby helping in constipation. You can eat a banana, drink banana shake, or drink juice made from banana stem.

Cleansing action

Not only does the pectins in banana help in improving digestion but also chelates some heavy metals and toxins from the body.

Recovering from diarrhea

Once again the rich potassium and other mineral content in bananas help one replenish the lost minerals after a diarrheal episode.

Lowers blood pressure

The higher amount of potassium in bananas also helps in keeping the blood pressure in check. Bananas also aids in maintaining water balance. Eating bananas reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack too.

Natural probiotic

Bananas contain fructooligosaccharides. This saccharide has a probiotic potential by stimulating growth of good bacteria in the gut. Thus, it helps in digestion and absorption. When the saccharide is fermented it lowers the pH which enhances calcium absorption, thus improving bone health too.

Benefits from Vitamin B6

Being rich in Vitamin B6 bananas provide protection against diabetes, helps in losing weight, aids in swelling reduction, enhances the nervous system and improves WBC’s production.


Bananas are rich in anti-oxidants. Hence, they provide shielding from free radicals. Anti-oxidants protect from many chronic diseases and keep the skin healthy.

Improves sleep

The tryptophan in banana is converted into serotonin in the brain. The serotonin has a soothing effect, thus promoting sleep. It also improves the mood, enhances attention and concentration.



Mood enhancer and alleviating depression

Once again serotonin produced from tryptophan in bananas enhances the mood and helps in alleviating depression.

Enhances sexual life

Being rich in various nutrients bananas aids in production of various sexual hormones, improves mala libido. Also, serotonin produced from tryptophan in bananas accounts for the euphoria from intercourse.

Skin benefits

Apart from improving sleep and thus helping the skin heal, banana has direct skin enhancing effects too. Banana masks make skin suave, limber and radiant. Its moisturizing effect is particularly good for people with dry skin.

Helps while quitting smoking

The high content of Vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium, helps while trying to quit smoking by alleviating the withdrawal symptoms.


    • Banana is a great fruit that deserves mention. It’s not surprising the benefits are all over the internet. Can’t really change the facts… the benefits would remain same, unless someone discovers that banana can cure HIV or something like that. Until then we’ll have to suffice with the same benefits.
      Thanks for liking the post though 🙂