8 Types of sunglasses that are always in #trend for men

    Sunglasses are never out of fashion. They are those ageless accessories that are always adored for their style and look and have always garnered attention of men and women since their inception. Sunglasses dates back to 12th century where they were prevalent in China and Rome. The sunglasses in those days had no corrective powers or protected the eyes from UV rays but gave some shield against sunlight. But, the tinted lenses came into existence when James Ayscough started experimenting with them. Some year’s later sunglasses became famous among movie stars and now they are a style symbol in themselves and have several other benefits to speak of.

    Let’s explore its benefits in brief:

    • When you are outdoors in summers, sunglasses are the best protective shield against the blazing sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to many eye diseases some of which causes irritation or sometimes grow into something serious. Some high-quality sunglasses like polarized sunglasses are coated with some special chemical film that reduces the strong sunbeam. Such types of glasses help in filtering out harmful effect of UV rays that reaches your eyes.
    • The substantial effect of sunglasses resides in preventing cancers that originates in the sensitive area around eyes. Wearing large-framed sunglasses like Wayfarers or Wrap-Around sunglasses for men or women that covers the eyes. They can even prevent the birth of critical eye ailments like Cataract, Glaucoma that are caused due to longer exposure to sun which can worsen the situation gradually.
    • Sunglasses protect us from various atmospheric elements like dust, sand, snow that can enter the eyes and cause irritation.
    • People suffering from conjunctivitis or any physical damage to eyes can use sunglasses to add security to their healing process while roaming outdoors.
    • Migraine patients are advised to use sunglasses regularly whenever they are out in the sun as sunlight is the major source of their pain. Wearing sunglasses can prevent the onset of headache.
    • Prescription Sunglasses are available these days for those who have a severe vision problem and cannot stand the harsh sunlight. These types of sunglasses include bifocal and progressive lens. These are the best eye wear for reading as well.

    While all this seems good, let us look at some of the sunglasses that are always in trend for men.


    They are a prized accessory for any man and have been favored by many for a long time. Single-bridged or double-bridged, Aviators are a show stopper for any event or outing. The design is more impacting and blends with almost every masculine face. Various tinted glasses are used in Aviators and have garnered a lot of popularity among young ones. There are even over-sized aviator glasses that lends a sporty look to the wearer.

    Round Sunglasses

    Seems a bit rare, but Round sunglasses have gained a lot of audience these days. People today especially the youth want to try something different and the ones having an angular face, Round sunglasses have been a compliment to their style. They are available in metal or acetate frames in all the eye wear stores.

    D-frame sunglasses

    Carrying some masculine feel in it, D-framed glasses are a rage among boys and men equally. With its shape and angular structure, it seems to go with a round face perfectly. It gives a cool outlook and is perfect for men of men of any age.

    Wayfarer sunglasses

    Wayfarers have been the choice as it goes with almost every outfit and look. This is a classic trend that is never out of fashion. Their elegant and stylish frames gives it a more edge among others.

    Navigator Sunglasses

    A little amalgam from the classic Aviator and a broad framed structure, Navigator sunglasses have preserved the old style in a refreshed format. Men with long or oval faces prefer to wear such sunglasses as it gives some horizontal symmetry to their face.

    Wrap-around sunglasses

    With a smart structured feature to speak of, these Wrap-Around Sunglasses are best while you are driving with your windows off or for any outdoor activities. These specialized sunglasses cover your eyes perfectly and protects it from dust particles. These glasses possess a filter that removes the harmful UV rays from affecting your eyes.

    Retro sunglasses

    Theirs is a classic round frame which is half metal and half celluloid with a polished finish that gives a celebrity look to your personality.

    Browline sunglasses

    With a thick upper frame running across the brow, it has got its name as Browline. Introduced in the 1947, it became much popular after its version named Clubmaster was released by Ray Ban. It is the mixture of both Aviators with a Retro look that gives a pleasing appearance to one’s face.

    Sakshi Goyal
    Sakshi Goyal
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