How To Keep Your Skin Safe In The Summer Heat

It’s not just the tanning that makes sun-rays harmful for the skin, but more. Continuous exposure to sunlight, especially in the summers, can have a lot of harmful effects on the skin including skin irritation, wrinkling, premature aging and even a benign cancer called melanoma.
A few precautions, however, go a long way in keeping your skin protected against the summer heat. If you follow them, you would be able to limit the skin damage from the sun to minimum.

You must use sun protection when you’re going out. As the name suggests, sun protection refers to the method of guarding your skin from the harmful effects of sun. Sun protection can prevent the damage from the cruel ultraviolet rays, thus saving the skin from a lot of problems.

Appropriate clothing

Although summers are believed to be the chance to flaunt your skin, doing that in sun is not recommended. You must make sure that when you’re going out in the sun you’re wearing protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible. You might also want to wear a cap or hat with a broad brim to protect your face from the sun.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen comes in the form of cream, gel, ointment, sprays or lotion and aids in guarding your skin against the harmful radiations of the sun. It’s advisable to get a sunscreen from a good brand, the one that is fit for your skin type. Using a water-resistant sunscreen is even better.
Sunscreens are categorized by SPF (Sun Protection Factor). SPF indicates the amount of sun protection in that formula. Depending upon various factors like length of sun exposure, the time of the day, geographical location and weather status the sunscreen with adequate SPF should be chosen. You can take the help of your beauty expert in choosing the right sunscreen for yourself.

Sunscreen is washed off by water, for example, after swimming, washing face or heavy sweating. It is advisable to reapply the sunscreen after any activity that might have washed the sunscreen off.

Wear sunglasses

You must wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. Make sure you don’t go for the cheap ones, they’re no better than using none. Go for the branded ones that provide UV protection. Before buying check up from the seller about its UV protection details.

Even if you’re already using power spectacles, these days you can find good spectacles with UV protection and, better, you can even find power sunglasses.

Use Umbrella

If it’s possible, you may even use an umbrella to cover your skin from those harmful UV rays.

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s not a secret that water is essential for us to live. However, water also helps in keeping skin healthy. Especially in summer where water is lost from the body in the form of sweating. Hence, keep drinking water to keep your skin  smooth and shining.

Besides it is mandatory to take several other precautions to protect your skin and overall health from summer heat. Some of those precautions are listed here: Fighting heat this summer–some cool tips