Useful Tips to Choosing the Right Front Door

    Choosing the right front door is a big decision as they say a lot about who is living inside the house. It should add character, curb appeal and some style to the overall look of your house. Besides looking good, front door have several purposes. They have to keep intruders out of the house, be energy efficient and withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions. They come in many different styles, sizes and materials. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right front door for your house.

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    Choice of Material

    The material the front door is made of is greatly going to affect its performance and durability. Some materials will require proper and frequent maintenance. Depending on the material, the price of the door can vary. So keep these thoughts in mind while choosing the right material for your front door. Materials you can choose from are usually steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Different materials insulate differently, so if you want to keep your house warmer during winter, steel and fiberglass will provide better energy efficiency than wood.


    If safety and insulation are your concerns, then steel doors are the best option for you. Steel is stronger than wood or fiberglass. This means that the door will provide more security in case of break-ins. It also means that they will last longer and require less maintenance. Any dents in a steel door can be repaired by the same technique used to repair the car bodies. Steel doors also have an inner frame made of wood or steel for added strength. Any hollow space is filled with high insulation foam, which will improve its energy efficiency.

    Steel doors are usually coated, which will require maintenance. An occasional re-painting will suffice. On an important note, don’t combine storm doors with steel doors. There will be heat build-up which will cause paint to peel.


    If you are looking for doors that are durable but don’t require maintenance, fiberglass is the best option. They will last long even in the harshest weather conditions and humid environment. They are made to look like wooden doors with texturing. This can make it appear like your door is made out of cherry or oak wood, the choice is yours. Fiberglass doors come with long warranties, since the companies have faith in its durability. They are also quite cheap, especially when compared to solid wood doors.

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    They are similar to steel doors, as they have an insulation core covered with aluminum. They have to be custom made, which makes their price go higher. You can get a wood finish on aluminum doors as well as smooth finish. Their warranties are quite long as well, as they have enamel finish that doesn’t require additional painting. This also makes their price go up, as they are the most expensive choice besides solid wood doors.


    Most front doors are made of wood, nothing brings more style to the exterior than a nice wooden door. You also get to choose which type of wood you want your door to be made from. Mahogany, oak, walnut, cherry and maple are just some of the choices. You can opt for solid wood or a combination of wood and wood-veneer. Solid wood is a more expensive option since they are stronger and provide more insulation. There is also an option of buying door panels that have an insulation core. If you like keeping your doors open during summer, think about adding security screen doors. This will allow for a nice air flow through the house, while keeping insects outside.

    Don’t rush when buying front doors, getting the right one will pay off as it will require less maintenance and better performance.

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