Smart Shopper: How to Buy a Mattress

    Shopping for a mattress can be tedious, but it is necessary. Just like when buying a new car, you need to find a mattress that will serve its purpose and your comfort. Plus it should last for at least 5 years. That is why you need to devote some time to research and carefully think about which mattress to buy. To make things a bit easier, pay attention to these elements and aspects and you won’t fail to find a quality mattress for your bedroom.

    Size Does Matter

    When it comes to mattresses, size does really matter. If you are sleeping alone, you might think that any size will do, but if you are tall, then you need something bigger. Also, if you’re sharing your bed with someone, you will need more room so everyone could sleep comfortably. Basically, there are several sizes to choose from:

    • Twin: 38 by 75 inches
    • Full or double: 53 by 75 inches
    • Queen: 60 by 80 inches
    • King: 76 by 80 inches
    • California king: 72 by 84

    So, according to your needs and available space, make sure to take good measures and choose some of the standard sizes for your ultimate comfort.


    Mattress shopping shouldn’t go without thorough research. Spend as much time as you need on checking out different stores, types and options you have. Start by checking out online mattress stores and their reviews. Then note down every potential mattress and try narrowing down the choices. However, keep in mind that the prices, names and covers of mattresses will be different from store to store, even though the product might be identical. This makes it difficult to make a decision, but you should only rely on the comfort of the mattress and the rest will come to its place.

    Pay Attention to Firmness

    After you have determined the needed size, it is time to check how firm the mattress should be. There are plenty of debates about which mattresses are better – firm or soft, but basically you should choose according to your own preferences. If you like to sleep on a firm surface, so be it. The same goes for soft mattresses and everything will be okay as long as your back is supported and you are comfortable. Also, firmness designations are different with each manufacturer and you should judge the mattress by how it feels rather than by its name.

    Consider the Types

    Old innerspring mattresses are not the only available type anymore. Today, there are many different types and all of them have their good and bad sides. Innerspring mattresses are still popular because they are the least expensive and they feature steel coils wrapped in layers of cushioning. The next choice is memory foam which conforms to your body shape and it makes sure that the whole bed doesn’t shake when you move. When you combine memory foam with cooling gel, you get a gel mattress which keeps the temperature of the bed at the optimum level. Another option is a latex mattress which is a combination of innerspring and memory foam and it promises great comfort, but at a higher price. Lastly, you can opt for all-natural beds which are made of organic materials such as wool, rubber and cotton.

    Test it out

    Just like you would take a car for a test drive or try out your pants before buying, you should test the mattress in the store. If you will share the bed with your partner, bring them to try out the bed together. If you think this is awkward and you are shy, you have to get over it because you will spend about 8 hours a day on this mattress. You should spend at least 10 minutes on each mattress you are trying out, and the most comfortable and supporting one should win.

    Do your research, narrow it down and hit the stores. Don’t be shy, try out the mattresses and you will manage to make the right choice.

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    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins
    Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl from Sydney. She studies architecture and likes to write in her free time. Her favourite hobbies are knitting and cooking for her family and friends.

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