10 Trending way to upgrade your kitchen – To add some more space

    Earlier, in most households, the kitchen was located at the back or furthest corner of the house. It was basically used to prepare three meals of the day and wash piles of dirty, soiled dishes. Nowadays, kitchens are located in the center of the house and have an important role to play. Your family members gathered there to share all the meals together, have late night snacks or even whip something delicious together.

    Now homeowners tend to pay attention to their kitchen and invest in it to make it comfortable according to their usage and functionality. If you are bored of the tired, old and unappealing look of your kitchen, then hire professional services of Kitchen Renovation Services at a price that suits you best.

    If you have a small kitchen, then read on for the 10 trending ways to add some more space in to.

    1. Paint It White

    If your kitchen looks small and dingy, then upgrade by painting it in white color. The white tone will not only reflect light but make your small kitchen look airy, bright and cheerful. Moreover, use a similar shade of white color on your kitchen cabinet, island, backsplash tiles, and floors.

    2. Update Lights

    If your kitchen feels, dark and gloomy like an eerie night of winters, then remove the heavy curtains from the kitchen window. Let sunlight come in and light up your space.  You can even replace your heavy curtains with sheer opaque curtains. Also, install beautiful kitchen lighting inside, over and below your cabinet and above Kitchen Island. Modern pendant lights can beautifully highlight the gorgeous focal point of your kitchen. If you want to remodel your bathroom, along with your kitchen, then hire services of affordable bathroom renovation companies in your locality.

    3. De-Cluttering Is the Key

    In order to upgrade your kitchen and make it look more spacious, de-clutter your kitchen island and countertops. Stack your state of art appliances in one cabinet, expensive designer crockery in other. Moreover, place youth daily cooking utensils in the cabinet beside your stove.

    4. Vertical Space

    If you have galley, apartment or small kitchen, then take full advantage of vertical space. It is suggested to install shelves above your stove, peg boards and daily use pots, pans, and knives on the wall. Furthermore, try to incorporate more stylish open shelves to keep your spices, oil and other essential ingredients.

    5. Appliances

    Opt for panel ready dishwashers, microwave, refrigerators and other indispensable appliances that match the theme and décor of your cabinets, walls, and floors. These panel ready appliances blend together miraculously with the décor of your kitchen thus creating the impression of bigger space.

    6. Floors

    Horizontal patterns, lines tend to create an illusion of larger, bigger space in your kitchen area. Install floors having a horizontal design in your kitchen. Adding a rug at the entrance of the kitchen with horizontal lines can also have the same effect.

    7. Open Shelves

    Open shelves curating your beautiful, yet expensive silverware can undoubtedly change the entire look of your kitchen. You can strip out your cabinets and in its place add open shelves or even replace wood cabinets with glass doors. In this way, all of your crockeries will be on display which in return will give a sophisticated yet homely look to your kitchen.

    8. Shine On

    Add some shine, gloss, and bling to your small kitchen and let it gleam. Shiny floors, glossy cabinets, and flashy cabinets can make your kitchen look larger and bright. Dazzle your guest with your gleaming kitchen.

    9. Sleek Furnishings

    It is suggested to add a small kitchen island, modern, sleek appliances, slender kitchen table, and chairs in order to create more space in your otherwise tiny kitchen. Also, install dimmer lights in the ceiling to make your kitchen look big. Also if you want to remodel your bathroom and want to install shower then it is advised to look for a company providing exquisite designs of shower enclosures Great Kills NY for your modern bathroom.

    10. Movable Items

    Last but not least, try adding movable furnishings fixtures and cabinets in your kitchen. For instance, replace heavy, solid permanent kitchen island with one that can be easily rolled out and tucked away when you and your family are done with meals. Put your necessary appliances like blender, chopper, juicer, rice cooker in your pantry when you are done using them.

    Final Word

    By employing the above trends or tips, you can easily make your small kitchen look big, spacious and inviting. You can easily move around while cooking or enjoy family meals sitting on a small kitchen table and chairs.

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    Helen Marshall
    Helen Marshall
    Helen is a professional remodeling expert and has been in this business for more than a decade. She is very enthusiastic about her work and keeps updated about the latest and innovative kitchen remodeling ideas. Helen makes sure to make the client satisfied through her remarkable services because "A Happy Customer is a Loyal Customer"

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