Basic maintenance and quick fixes for seasonal door repair

    Garage door repair has become quite a common aspect nowadays with a number of top-notch companies providing premium services for the same. Although the garage doors function on the basis of a simple mode of mechanism, there are a number of times when they do not work the usual way they should. There are often such situations when some reliable garage doors which have become quite old, bite the dust or require some essential repairs that should be done immediately.

    Quick tips for minor issues

    By following a proper inspection as well as a professional routine of garage door repair, one can help to extend the lifespan of a garage door and also allow it to keep working in the usual way without any problems. However, the following are some basic tips that can be used as effective measures to get rid of some problems that are just beginning to appear-

    Careful inspection of the door in operation

    One of the most common issues faced by the automatic garage door openers is that it may lead to jerky movements that ultimately result in grating or scraping sounds. However, a well-maintained garage door can be seen to be operating quietly with no such sounds as it moves up and down along with the absence of any kind of jerkiness in its motion. To avoid any unnecessary obstacles in the regular motion of the garage doors, one should keep a check on the fact that whether the springs, pulleys as well as the cables are in complete alignment with the back sides of the system.

    Replacement of the rollers at the right time

    The rollers that one can find at the very edge of the garage door should undergo a detailed inspection at a time interval of at least two years and a replacement after every five to seven years. During the process of inspection, if the technician comes across any such rollers that are chipped, cracked or worn out, then such defective pieces should be replaced immediately. But one must keep in mind that the bottom bracket roller which is positioned on either side of the door should not be removed because they are basically attached securely to the lift cables which are run by extreme tension.

    Regular lubrication of the moving parts

    One can easily prolong the lifespan of their garage doors by making sure that there is regular lubrication done for the rollers as well as the other moving parts which will in a way help to reduce the stress on the rollers and the required door openers. By applying a high-quality spray lubricant at least twice a year which includes white lithium grease and various others that can be sprayed on the hinges as well as the rollers. Penetrating solutions like WD-40 can be sprayed on the rollers or the hinges which seem to have gotten stuck which can then be wiped off and finally followed by some application of grease.

    Replacement of the weather-stripping

    The weather-stripping made of rubber, is basically positioned along the bottom side of the door which ensures to prevent the cold as well as the water, dust, and dirt from entering and creating damage. So twice a year check-up should be done so as to make sure that it is in good condition. The weather-stripping that is used for the wooden garage doors is inbuilt by nailing it into the right place. One must also keep a check on whether there are any loose spots and get a replacement done accordingly if the entire length of the weather-stripping has been worn out or undergone any kind of damage. These garage door weather-stripping are easily available in a number of hardware stores where they are sold by the foot or in those large sized rolls. They can be bought from a number of home improvement stores as well.

    Cleaning and painting the garage door

    One must keep a check on whether there are any rust spots on the steel doors that should be sanded, primed as well as painted immediately. An all-purpose cleaner of good quality can be used to wash a fiberglass door. A detailed inspection should be done for the wooden garage doors since they face common issues like warping as well as damage caused by water. Any kind of chipped portions should be removed along with paint getting peeled off which should be gotten rid of by sanding and repainting them thoroughly.

    Regular testing of the Auto-Reverse feature

    The Auto-Reverse feature that is found in every garage door opener basically helps to stop as well as change the direction of the garage door in case there is any kind of obstacle that can be found in the path of the door. This feature is basically regulated by a pressure sensor or with the help of a pair of photocells which are positioned on each side of the opener. In case this feature stops functioning in the way it is supposed to, it is advised to consult an expert for directions as to how the Auto-Reverse feature can be correctly adjusted. The older models which lack this feature should be replaced immediately because this is being particularly made a mandatory feature by the building code in a number of areas.

    A proper and regular garage door repair and maintenance can help the product to last as long as fifty years or even more. And in situations where they are neglected and not taken proper care of, the garage doors might not last for more than ten years and during such times, an individual is left with no other choice other than replacing it which in a way creates financial pressure. So in order to avoid such problems, you can yourself keep a basic check on the garage door or get hold of some professional technicians working for renowned companies so as to get rid of any problems being faced by the product.

    Emma Smith
    Emma Smith
    Emma Smith is by profession works with a renowned Garage Door Repair company. During her leisure time, she loves to write. She has contributed a number of informative articles and blogs for the digital world.

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