How to Buy Vacuum Cleaners for Your Home

    Well the title How to Buy Vacuum Cleaners would definitely seem a little off as the word Cleaner is in plural form but after being associated with Vacuum cleaner business for last 4 years I have seen people go through vacuum cleaners as a spoiled child would go through new toys, I realized that an average family goes through more than one vacuum cleaner (actually way more than 1 but even higher if not done proper homework before buying). I have seen people come for repairs for their vacuum cleaners which would understandably be in a bad shape( I have seen some real bad ones ) who ended up either dumping the vacuum after getting their repair estimates or agreeing to the repair charges which would anyways be more than the vacuums actual price- funny right?

    On numerous occasions we have performed $80 repairs on a $65 vacuum cleaner and I used to wonder to myself if there was any way these people and every person who is in the market looking for a vacuum cleaner could have access to valuable professional advise on buying and maintaining their vacuum cleaners and then the vacuum cleaner home guide came into existence. Below is a comprehensive list of the famous vacuum brands sold by Big and Small businesses and what sucks(cons) and what does not suck (pros) about these vacuums, though in case of a Vacuum cleaner it might be the other way round as a really sucking vacuum would be a strong pro. Lets not get into that, here is the list-

    1. Electrolux Vacuum cleaners

    One of the oldest vacuum cleaner brands that has stuck around for a long time (like Hoover and Kirby vacuum cleaners) and does have a very loyal customer following. I have come across people who have been using Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners since the Great Depression ( metaphorically speaking). This is the previous Depression I am referring to, what we have right now is a Recession. With the passage of time though Electrolux vacuum cleaner company has fallen into the regular Rut of making more low quality vacuum cleaners instead of being a little innovative and claiming the Famous quote that has surprisingly misguided customers time and again- NEVER LOSES SUCTION.

    What sucks- (a) More bag less models than models that use vacuum cleaner bags- my personal preference is bags as they are able to trap the dust,

    -(b) Customer support for replacement parts is terrible.

    What doesn’t suck- (a)compact designs in the newer models.

    Models you can consider- Canisters- EL4040A JetMaxx- $330-$350

    Upright- NONE (Really)

    Vacuum cleaner home Guide Ranking: 5/10

    2. Hoover Vacuum cleaners

    Considering the Epic Monopoly Hoover Vacuum cleaners had in the 19th century on the market and peoples minds, this brand should have been on the top of the list but we are in 2013 now and things have changed. There are better Vacuums than Hoover and better Bodybuilders than Arnold. Hoover vacuum cleaners during those times had become so synonymous with vacuuming that people often used the phrases we just vacuum our carpet. Still maintaining its Legacy Hoover company is making vacuums but because of the cut throat competition the customer base has been divided amongst other brands.

    What Sucks- a) Vacuum models are not very sleek(make u feel u are still in the 70s) ,

    -b) Loud and heavy,

    -c) Lot of Bag less models.(I would address the Bag Issue such as why bags are good, or how they help in a different section so till that time just bear with me)

    What doesn’t Suck- a) Affordable Prices, b) Would get the job done if you are not as picky as I am.

    Models you can consider- Canisters- Hoover canister with Motorized power head- $265-$290, Hoover Porta Power- $100

    Uprights- Hoover wind tunnel tempo-$110(Bear in mind that this Hoover tempo can outperform many vacuums in the same price range), Hoover wind tunnel self-propelled(this model is a little too heavy for a majority of customers liking )-$275-299

    VCHG Rating- 6/10.

    3. Simplicity Vacuum cleaners

    One of the best Brands in terms the value you would derive with the hard earned money spent, simplicity is also an all American brand- MADE IN U.S.A- and cross your heart and tell me how often you come across a logo that says that, especially a consumer product, we certainly cannot take into consideration the Fighter Jets and the Aircraft carriers as in that case the Made in U.S.A logo count would walk past the Made in China logo count like a F1 car would walk past a Toyota Prius. However Simplicity as a vacuum company even makes 8LBS vacuums and the are really good- its is the Freedom series F3300, 3500, 3600. These range from $199-$499. They come with 5Amp motors and are pretty strong for their weight but on the downside they do not come with standard attachments. For attachments you would have to consider the Deluxe uprights models(Symmetry, Synergy and Synchrony- if I start explaining each one, that would make it a really long blog ) that come with some really stunning features(a little too stunning in the higher models) . The price ranges from $269-$1249, with the G9 Premium model being the biggest blow to the Wallet featuring a Dirt Sensor light along with other features. In all fairness would you really spend $1249 for a Sensor that shows you the dust you are about to pick up. Kind of funny but definitely pricey.

    The canisters follow the same price pattern as the uprights but there are some really nice Mid range canister models and even if you want something smaller Simplicity offers some really handy Canister vacuum cleaner range that can a variety of Chores accomplished such as vacuuming stairs and cars and still be very soft on the pocket. You can definitely look them up for more details.

    What sucks- Top models pretty pricey for the average buyer.

    What does not suck- You can derive great performance with the Mid range upright or canister models.

    Models you can consider- Uprights- Deluxe SCRD- $689, Standard SCRS- $579.

    Canisters- Verve- $699, S24-$599.

    VCHG rating- 7/10

    4. Miele Vacuum Cleaners

    I have to admit that the GERMANS DID IT AGAIN. Originally a German company Miele has Headquarters in Princeton, NJ and over there they make some pretty good household Appliances such as Dishwashers, Coffee systems, Laundromats and Driers and of course our favorite and the topic of the Day- Vacuum cleaners. Miele Vacuums give so much back in terms of Value that they Deserve to be the Best and I am not just saying that because I have read all this about Miele or a Miele sale would fetch me a higher Affiliate income but because I use a Miele Vacuum cleaner in my house and would never trade that for any other brand even if it had a Sensor that finds Aliens in my house and Suck them up.

    Whether a canister or an upright the design of a Miele vacuum cleaner says a lot about the quality about the vacuum and not to forget the 1200 Watt Vortex motor that generates a Lot of suction. So it is essentially a combination of Looks and performance integrated in one. But the downside to all this is that the Miele vacuums would cost almost a $100-$150 extra for the same performance specifications if a price comparison is done with any other brand of vacuum cleaners. However in terms of overall durability Miele vacuum cleaners would outrun and outperform any vacuum cleaner brand in a period of 7 years as that is the Generous motor warranty the company offers. After 7 years a vacuum stops looking like a vacuum but a Miele would still look like something that can keep going on. In terms of  long term value you would derive from this brand- Miele is certainly the No-1 choice.

    What sucks- Real pricey for an average customer, replacement parts such as floor brushes and power heads are pretty expensive as well. Uprights are on the heavier side. Average part replacement and mechanic labor would cost somewhere between $150-$250(some people buy a new vacuum with that kind of money but not some who uses a Miele)

    What doesn’t suck- Great value for money(if you are willing to make the investment), very strong suction, classy look and feel of the vacuum cleaner unit.

    Models you can consider- Uprights- Miele Bolero-$799, Miele Swing-$799
    VCHG rating- 8/10.Canisters- Miele Titan-$599, Miele Callisto$899, Miele Home care- S8-$849.

    5. Bissel Vacuum cleaners

    For the ones looking for a vacuum cleaner below the $100 mark, Bissel offers a wide range of Bagless and bagged vacuums. Not my personal preference though as the suction really starts to drop after a regular 6 Month use, the filters get clogged too.

    What sucks- Quality Performance span is limited in spite of the company claim and also the Bagless aspect.

    What does not suck- The vacuum(literally after 6 months of use), a price range of $55-$90 makes it pretty affordable for the average consumer.

    Models you can consider- Bagged uprights and Digi pro canister make it a pretty affordable deal considering the fact that a pack of vacuum bags would last a long time.

    VCHG rating- 4/10

    6. Kirby Vacuum cleaners

    How can we forget the Ford Mustang of  Vacuum cleaners, the vacuum that has been used, cherished and has been passed to future generations amongst families and can still pack a punch when it comes to suction comparison with other leading brands. Owing to its simple but strong design the Kirby can outrun most of the vacuum cleaners in the market in terms of lasting long. The downside to all this durability- a Kirby vacuum weighs just 2LBS lighter than the Statue of Liberty. Oh it IS heavy. If you can live with that a Kirby might not be a bad choice or you might already have one. Prices ranging from $399-$1200 you might find various models for your needs and some models even have a carpet extractor function additionally.

    What sucks- Very heavy, vacuuming stairs might become a problem if you have a lot of them.

    What does not suck- Fantastic life and durability, good strong suction.

    Models you can consider- (a) Kirby sentria G10- $759, (b) Kirby Ultimate G edition- $699.

    VCHG rating- 7/10.

    7. Dyson Vacuum cleaners

    Well Last but not the least we have to honor the Rich Kid in the class. Owning roughly 25-30% of the market customer base Dyson is definitely worthy of that title and that has been really possible with the constant advertisements Fed to us while we are watching TV. I swear I have seen a Dyson Ball Ad so many times that I even remember the color of the vacuum and the color of the carpet it vacuums. Dyson ball has made my eyeballs pop out. But really do you really think it is worth spending money in the lines of $500 and getting a vacuum cleaner that does not use bags and you have to dump the picked up trash manually?

    I do not think so. Its your call.

    What sucks- the vacuum itself, The company claim that it never loses suction and still does, pretty heavy and cumbersome. Many Dyson vacuum cleaner models look like special effect props used in a badly directed space fiction movie.

    What does not suck- Actually nothing, I do not like anything about the Dysons.

    Models you can consider- DC-07, DC-14.

    VCHG rating- 5/10

    There are other Numerous vacuum cleaner brands out there in the market but the ones Listed above are the Brands that we as Vacuum cleaner professionals come across on a daily basis and can provide a professional opinion on. However before buying a Vacuum cleaner you should do your own research make an educated decision because after all there is just one thing that we look for when we buy a product that ONE thing  is even more important for us than the Money back warranty and that is VALUE FOR MONEY.

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