Recycling at home for a cleaner environment in 7 easy steps [Infographics]

    We have a love hate relationship with plastic. It is extremely useful for everyday life but with an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans today, this is a huge issue which cannot be ignored. A recent report from the World Wildlife Fund highlighted that plastic waste is everywhere. It’s in our water systems, littered around our cities and it’s found in hundreds of different species as they mistakenly ingest plastic waste. It is clear that this issue won’t be solved unless there is collective action at all levels. One of the key recommendations of the report from the World Wildlife Fund was that global plastic recovery also known as recycling, needs to double!

    BetterCleans is a premium house cleaning services company in Milwaukee. Many of our customers have told us they want to recycle more but find the whole process confusing. What can and cannot be recycled? What do I need to do before I put the plastic in the recycling bin? These questions, if not answered can lead to a reduction in recycling at home. To help clear up some of the confusion, we created a new infographic which shows how in just 7 steps, you can be on your way to recycling more effectively, having a cleaner home and more importantly, a cleaner environment.

    Check this out below. Bookmark it or print it off and stick it on your refrigerator. The major takeaway is that, if we all do more to recycle effectively at home, we can have a major impact on the environment. When U.S recycling levels reach 75%, it will have the equivalent impact of removing 55 million cars from the roads each year!


    David Hardwicke
    David Hardwicke
    David Hardwicke is a Director at BetterCleans, a premium home cleaning services provider based in Milwaukee, WI.

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