Roof maintenance every homeowner needs to know

    Roofs are meant to be replaced every once in a while when their lifespan comes to an end. However, in order to make your roof lasts as long as possible, maintaining it properly and regularly is very important. These nine roof maintenance tips will help you take care of your roof the right way.

    Check Your Shingles Regularly

    If you want to maintain your roof properly, one of the first steps you should take is to simply check up on it regularly. Other than checking up on it regularly, you should especially be doing it after a heavy storm or high winds. There are ways for you to do this without even needing to climb up the ladder. All you need are good binoculars and a good eye for spotting potential problems. Some of the issues you should look for when checking up your roof are missing, curling or cracked shingles, as well as peeling flashing and missing granules. If you notice any of those signs of damage, call a professional roofing contractor to safely make the needed repairs.

    Prepare your roof

    Another thing you should do is doing seasonal chores or at least calling a professional who will be able to do them for you. The biggest mistake you could do during winter is not removing the snow and ice from the roof regularly. This can lead to cave-ins. While in autumn, your biggest concerns would be treating moss and mold. To keep your roof in good condition you need to do regular inspections. Also, you could call a specialist to take care of the roof for you from time to time. They will be able to protect it with spray foam and other protectants. Also, make sure to clean out the gutters regularly. The piled-up leaves which get stuck in gutters can prevent proper water drainage. This can have some pretty bad results such as ice dams and cave-ins.

    Get a Professional Roof Inspection

    Another great way of making sure your roof is taken care of properly is to get a professional roof inspector. Even with this roof maintenance checklist, having a professional inspector can be useful. An inspector will be able to spot any potential problems you might miss. They will also provide you with very useful tips on how to maintain your roof and prevent any future issues from even occurring.  You’ll get a chance to find out how to fix the problem and make the repairs last as long as possible. It is recommended to get roof inspections every two years, but calling a roofing inspector once a year might be even better. This way you will be able to spot any potential issues before they become costly repairs.

    Wash Your Roof

    Another tip is to wash your roof.  After some time your roof will start getting dirty with all the long, dark streaks across it. This means that algae are growing at your house. They won’t cause any immediate damage, but if you don’t handle this problem now algae will eventually rot your shingles. In order to get rid of these critters, you need to spray the roof with a 50% mix of water and bleach. The bleach is very useful in this situation because it kills the algae very quickly. You should also install copper strips beneath the roof’s peak. This way when it rains, the copper molecules will be able to stream down your roof. As a result, any algae that might come back will instantly be killed. Also, consider investing in a high-quality roof batten that will keep your roof shingles safe and in place during washing.

    Look for Leaks in Your Attic & Ceilings

    Make sure to look for water stains inside your house. Check your ceilings and attics for water damage as regularly as the roof itself. Some of the most common warning signs of a roof leak are musty odors in certain rooms, water stains on your ceiling, spots on the exterior walls, and bulging patches on the interior walls. Once you notice one of these signs you need to locate the leak and call a professional to fix the problem. They will patch up the hole in your roof where the leak is coming from. Repairs like these should be left to roofing professionals because they know the best way to not only fix this kind of problem but also how to prevent it from happening again.

    Trim Any Overhanging Branches

    Tree branches can cause several potential problems for your roof. There is a high risk of bulky tree branches falling on the roof during severe weather and harsh wind. It is recommended that you take care of the landscaping regularly and cut off large branches that are positioned over your roof. By doing this, you will reduce storm damage. You will also prevent leaves from piling up on your shingles because they will only absorb moisture and rot your roof after a while. You will also prevent leaves from piling up in the gutters which, as we already mentioned, can clog your gutters and cause many issues for the roof.

    Maintain your roof

    Overall maintenance is important for your roof because if you neglect it you might end up having to deal with pooling and cave-ins. Debris that can build up on your roof is just one of many problems that can occur if you don’t maintain your roof properly and regularly enough. It is not enough to simply call a professional each time you have a problem with the roof and just let them handle the situation. Once they’re done with their job, you have to do your part too by following up on maintenance. There are many advantages this will bring such as fewer repairs. You will be able to catch potential problems such as shrinking shingles before they become a bigger issue. You will even save money in the long run, because you will be replacing your roofs less often.

    Clean your gutters

    Another part of roof maintenance is to clean the gutters properly. It is an essential part of any roof maintenance checklist. Even though it’s not such a fun job, it is very important to do it every once in a while. If you let your gutters get clogged with leaves and all sorts of dirt, you can end up having big problems. What might start as having a few water stains may end up causing you much bigger issues. Clogged gutters will allow water to easily seep under the roof structure causing problems both to your roof and ceilings in the house. It is recommended that you do this at least twice a year, preferably once in late spring and then later in fall again.

    Patch Up Your Chimney

    Lastly, make sure you check the chimney for any cracks or missing mortar. Any damage on the chimney no matter how big or small it is can cause bricks to start falling out. This can severely damage your roof and even cause your chimney to collapse. If you notice any cracks, call a contractor to patch them up. Or if you want, you can try to do it yourself as well. Other issues you might find yourself dealing with are a sloping or leaning chimney. This can be caused by issues of your house foundation. In case your chimney has moved, call a contractor to fix it right away. Also, make sure to check the rest of the house for any signs of foundation problems as well.


    In conclusion, regular roof maintenance is very important. Many roof problems can be fixed if noticed on time. Don’t wait before the problem gets too big.

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