Great tips how to get your old carpet look like new again

    One of the biggest concerns that people have with carpets is the fact that their maintenance isn’t as simple as, let’s say wiping a hardwood floor. However, if you buy a quality rug, even after years of dust, stains, wear and tear, you’ll be able to restore it to its former glory. So, what is it that you have to do in order to make your old carpet look like new again? Here are a couple of tips from experts and those who have tried this out first hand.

    1. Sometimes restoration is not an option

    Before we start, it would be outright dishonest to suggest that you can salvage absolutely every carpet out there. The truth is that a lot of stains that you thought are there to stay might be quite easy to remove, nonetheless, there are some dents, rips and stains that are simply there to stay. In this scenario, you can probably rip the rug into fragments and use it for something else. For instance, you can place these rug areas under your outdoor furniture to protect your deck from scratching. Still, it might be a good idea to take your rug to carpet restoration professionals before you make any rash decision.

    2. Getting rid of dents

    The first problem that an old carpet has usually isn’t dust or dirt. More often than not, it’s the dents from furniture. You see, it’s not uncommon for a coffee table to be placed in the middle of your rug and this is definitely something that will make dents. When you consider the weight of the table and the amount of time that the table in question remains in this spot, it’s hardly surprising that all of these dents occur. In order to fix this, you can leave an ice cube on the spot, so that the fiber can expand. Then, you need to rub it all with a dry cloth.

    3. Deep-clean it

    When it comes to restoring a carpet, one of the things that the majority of people have in mind is deep cleaning. Keep in mind that, seeing as how carpets tend to absorb dirt at an astonishing rate, you might need to mix in a tad stronger chemicals into this carpet-cleaning solution. Mix a cup of ammonia with a quart of water and rub it into your carpet. Make sure not to add too much ammonia, seeing as how it’s an incredibly potent solution that could potentially damage your rug. Lastly, make sure that the place is well-ventilated or even take your carpet out in order to give it some breathing space.

    4. Clean stubborn stains

    The next thing you might want to tend to are some stubborn stains and there are several carpet cleaning and stain removal tricks that you could definitely use. With the help of some ice cubes and a stiff brush, you can remove even some of the most persistent stains, like those containing red wine, chocolate or even blood. Keep in mind that this is something that doesn’t really require a massive cleaning project but can be done in a matter of minutes.

    5. Resolving problems with electricity

    Due to the very nature of these carpets, it’s not uncommon that they, all out of a sudden, start conducting static electricity. This can be particularly unpleasant for those who have kids and small pets in their households. Fortunately, all you have to do in order to resolve this issue is to make a mix of water and liquid fabric softener and then pour it in a spray bottle. After this is done, all you have to do is apply it to your carpet and there you have it.

    6. Removing gum

    You would be surprised to learn just how often a gum gets stuck into the fabrics of your carpet. The problem, nonetheless, lies in the fact that this gum tends to stick to a much larger surface of your carpet, thus becoming a serious aesthetic and functional problem. The simplest way to handle this is to use a damp cloth and a steam iron. Simply place the cloth over the area with the gum and then place the iron over it for a couple of seconds. One more thing keeping in mind here is the fact that you should A) never leave your iron there for long and B) never apply the iron directly to the rug.

    In conclusion

    The benefits of the rug are numerous but their maintenance is far from easy. You see, the same properties that give it warmth, coziness, sound-muffling of the room and its incredible looks are the ones that are making it particularly hard to maintain. Therefore, the above-listed tricks are definitely amongst the must-know factors when it comes to keeping your carpet fresh, clean and new-looking.

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