Cleaning and Maintaining Your Carpet – Quick Tips List

    Carpet cleaning and maintenance requires no professional maintenance as a typical household adult member can take care of this. When cleaning is not a problem at all, then it’s high time to understand a few quick tips to get the job done. The most common victims of drips, soils, dusts, and dirt in a house is no other than the carpet. Often we wonder, how in the world do carpet cleaner easily deals with the task. Here’s why:

    Stains you blot, you do not rub.

    When you are faced with a difficult task of removing fresh stain off your carpet, don’t fret. Simply pick up a sponge or a clean towel, and pour a readily available cleaning solution on it, and dab it on the blot with some pressure. Rubbing it off will end up in carpet fibers dismantled off the base.

    There is a chewing gum buster

    Stepping on some gums down in the street and accidentally bringing them inside to settle on your carpet is an annoying scenario. When you think cleaning it up right there and then would suit you, simply grab an ice cube and freeze the gum until it is frozen solid. After a minute, spoon off the glob and cut the carpet strand that still stick up to the gum. See to it only the topmost part is cut it can barely be noticed.

    Crash the crushed candy

    A litter of kids or even one tot is all you need to have some crushed candy dropped off your carpeted floors. It may sound funny yet that is a reality. There is something you can do about it anyway. Simply scrape it using a bread knife and wash the part with soap and water. Dab the wet area with a sponge or towel so it does not attract dirt and other debris.

    Let the vinegar deal with it

    When you think this grumpy acid is all made for cooking, you are greatly mistaken. This is also an effective cleaning agent specifically when it comes to stains that appears to be difficult to remove or clean. Just in case you have your carpet soiled, you can have this kitchen basic as a rescue. Such a nice idea, isn’t it?

    Have the pro take care of it

    In case you are the type who does not bother over messy things literally, rest assured that someone out there will deal with it, on your behalf. Bomar Chem-Dry, for instance, has been the leading in carpet cleaning and maintenance. So simply sit back and relax while you watch as pros are taking care of it for you.

    Trying one or two of the above leaves you off the hassle of messy, dirty, or damaged carpet. At least employ the above quick tips and you need not worry about your covers the next time around. Professionals were once in their lifetime a household member and they have surely tried any if not all of the above when they were in a situation similar to yours, back then.

    Andy Bell
    Andy Bell
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