Hot Tips on Keeping Your Home Décor Style Fresh For Ages

    Following the latest home décor trends can be a very tough act because it can often be difficult to discard what’s existing and completely revamp your home every now and then. There’s also the matter of expense that you really can’t afford to ignore. To get out of this compulsion, you can consciously opt to choose home décor styles that are timeless. Some options that you can explore:


    You really can’t go wrong when you practice the philosophy of less being more. Your home will invariably look far better when there’s a less of a clutter on the tables and the shelves. Not only can your carefully-selected pieces create the impact they are capable of making but also dusting the house becomes less of a chore. The same principle holds good when you are designing the layouts of the various rooms. Carefully select the pieces of furniture that go with the theme and size of the room, so that the space does not look crowded, and moving around becomes difficult. For smaller spaces, it is best to stick with established favorites that are not bulky and have slim and low profiles.

    Practical Furniture

    Furniture that looks striking because of their avant-garde design may not always be very comfortable. Since furniture that is simply not practical tends not to be used at all, there is little point in using them to decorate the room. Chairs that are not comfortable to sit on, coffee tables with too much glass on the top, shelves that can’t accommodate much, etc.; you just need to take a quick look with a discerning eye, and you will automatically know the ones that are the duds. Make comfort and utility your top priorities when buying furniture for residential properties. If you cannot relax when lying on the couch, there’s little point in having it taking up precious room. Make it point to buy stuff that feels good and looks good.

    Use Color Strategically

    The trouble with trends is that they keep on changing from season to season, and there’s really no way you can keep up unless you are always on the go. That really does not mean that the interiors have all to be dressed in neutral colors. The common way of thinking is to dress the wall with color, but it is actually easier to make the room more vibrant by selecting accessories like vases, cushions, or even art that have very bold color schemes. If you want to follow some color trend that really excites you the next time around, these articles are far handier to replace than the color of the wall. You can also give free rein to your creativity in dressing up the room with color – however, be careful not to overdo it. Use splashes of color against gray that is an extremely sophisticated and timeless color, especially when there is a hint of blue in it. Also, think of using warmer tones like plum, caramel, and ochre that lend your interior a warm and cozy look.

    Use Natural Lighting to Best Advantage

    If your interiors have large windows, don’t make the mistake of covering them up with heavy drapes. Instead, purchase window treatments that allow the maximum light inside. There’s really nothing like sunlight to make a room cheerful; when people inside can perceive the outdoors through the window coverings, they tend to be always in better spirits. In the areas that do not have sufficient natural lighting, use artificial lighting options with good taste to lend your room a glow that is naturally heartwarming.

    Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson is an interior decorator who specializes in doing up small homes. He has executed a number of interior décor assignments for residential projects in Prabhadevi, Mumbai

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