How to look 30 at 50

You seem to wonder where did all the time go as you have recently discovered you are already in you fifties. Fear no more, fifties are the new thirties! Everything you have done so far to neglect your skin has become evident. Every time you forgot to put your sunscreen on or slept with your full make up on your skin suffered and now you do not know what to do with the newly found wrinkles. Luckily enough, there is still a lot of time you can dedicate to taking care of your skin in order to look younger.

1Get your sunscreen


As much as you like getting your skin tanned you still need to keep it protected against malevolent UVA and UVB rays by frequently applying sunscreen. It will prevent premature ageing and help you successfully lower the potential risks of skin cancer. Every year in Australia between 95% and 99% of skin cancers occur due to exposure to the sun. Do not let yourself be a part of bad statistics and start protecting your skin as soon as possible and it will not age as rapid as it can!

2Have a plenty of moisture

3Exercise regularly


Working out is not just important for keeping fit, it will lift up your mood and make you smile more often. As you get an energy boost you will be able to complete your daily tasks in no time and you will stop stressing over unimportant things. Yoga is a powerful tool against ageing. You will build leaner muscles, get more flexible and improve your posture which will help you look younger. As you will feel more energetic, you will soon get a joyful youthful spirit. If you do not have a lot of time to work out, you can always go for a walk which is an excellent way to take care of your body and mind as it is useful when it comes to preventing dementia.

Apart from exercising you will need to have enough time to rest, so do not overdo it in order to have enough time for the muscles to relax. Sleep no less than 7 hours per day and you will get an instant boost in self-confidence and energy.

You can stop ageing if you start taking care of your skin and body as soon as you can. Protect it against the sun, drink plenty of water and nourish it while exercising regularly and you will get the glowing skin you have always wanted to see.