How to Look Young with Natural Anti-Age Serum

Natural anti-ageing products are always better than commercial products. This is not to say that commercial products don’t work, they do work. But with chemicals comes the side-effects as well.

Majority of commercial products comes with harmful ingredients such as paraben, lead and sulphur. Moreover, with chemical products you will have dependency. This means that till the time you are using it, you are looking fresh but once you leave it your skin again becomes dull and dehydrated.

Common ingredients in commercial brand

Two most widely used ingredients in anti-aging products are mineral oil and dioxane. Mineral oil is commonly known as paraffin wax or petroleum jelly. Most of the manufacturers use mineral oil because it gives temporary satisfying results and are cheap. However, mineral oil clogs the pores and reduces the oxidation of the superficial layer of the skin.

As a result, toxins are formed underneath the layer of the skin and soon you experience painful pimples and breakouts. Additionally, mineral oil also dries out the normal moisture content of the skin and leaves it dehydrated. But anti-ageing industry relies heavily on petroleum jelly because it is a cheap moisturizer.

Dioxane is a synthetic derivative of coconut. You might think it is good but it is not because it is synthetically derived from coconut and it breaks the natural bonding of the substance. Dioxane improves the color and texture of the skin by rapid cell repair. Recent studies have proved that dioxane causes skin cancer, if used for a longer period of time.

Other substances like urea, ammonia, artificial fragrances are obviously harmful to the skin. Therefore, the next time you are thinking to buy a chemical anti-ageing product for its fast results, think twice. It may give you fast results but in the long run your skin is bound to get affected.

 Benefits of natural products

There are many benefits of using natural anti-age serum. The most important one is that it is completely safe to use and contain natural products. The used ingredients do not have any health risks and even yields better results. If you think that natural means less effective and needs more time, it is no true.

In fact these natural products improve skin color and reduce fine lines in no time. The ingredients are extracted naturally or biologically. Therefore, the chemical bonding of the products is restored properly. Scientific studies have proven that it is three times effective on wrinkles and crow’s feet. In fact, most of the reputed brands use natural ingredients as there base product.

Moreover, they contain natural anti oxidants and reduces the formation of free radicals of the skin. They also stimulate the skin’s natural repair system which removes the wrinkles in no time.

Ingredients to look for while buying

Different types of ingredients have different types of properties. For example, vitamin e works great on wrinkles and fine lines. Grape seed oil improves circulation of the skin, skin color, dehydrates dull skin and reduces stretch marks.

Coenzyme Q10 is perhaps the best natural ingredient you can find till date. It is one of the potential anti-oxidant that increases the oxygen supply to the skin and improves the skin layers. Thus it is helpful in reducing stubborn wrinkles and can effectively erase out age spots. You can use honey as a natural moisturizer. It will moisturize your skin without any side effects.

It is important to hydrate one’s skin. The following ingredients will hydrate and rejuvenate the layers of the skin. Always remember anti-aging products help in reducing the wrinkles and prevents the early signs of aging. Therefore, if any brand is making tall claims in completely erasing out entire wrinkles from your face, then it is too good to be true. Do not fall to such false claims. Check out the brand before buying.