5 Ways to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen – Infographic

    The kitchen is also known as the dirtiest place in the house resulting in bad smells that can inconvenience you. Cleanliness is essential, but sometimes the scent stays and causes problems. Fortunately, there are some ways to eliminate the foul odor.

    Setting up an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator can eliminate the bad odor inside since it has an alkaline substance capable of countering and absorbing the smell. An alternative method is to place a piece of charcoal and some dry coffee grounds in the fridge for the same effect.

    Lemon juice, like baking soda, can also eliminate the bad smell. Sprinkling some lemon juice on musty-prone areas like the kitchen sink would neutralize the foul odor, and adding some boiling water would even provide better results.

    Air can stay in a room along with any foul odor, so it is necessary to keep the air moving to maintain the pleasant smell in the kitchen. A ceiling fan would help in circulating and bringing in the fresh air. It can also help cool the room, especially during the summer.

    You can also open the window to get the bad smell out and bring the fresh air in.

    A sponge can become a colony for disease-causing microbes and give off a bad smell. Always disinfect the sponge after use so that the microbes won’t stick on the dishes you’re cleaning and replace them after two to three weeks to keep it from going dirty and fouling up the kitchen.

    Food can spill on your stove while cooking and give off a bad smell once it accumulates. Make sure to continually wipe the spills and take out any litter in the kitchen while waiting for the food to be ready since it’s the only time available to keep the kitchen from getting dirty. Scheduling a time for clean up is not enough.

    Keeping your kitchen smelling fresh is just as crucial as maintaining look aesthetically clean and new. To learn more about these tips, check out the full infographic below.

    5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Smell in the Kitchen

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