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    The feeling of having a roof over our heads is amazing, isn’t it? It is without question that we should maintain what is keeping us safe whenever we notice the need. However, where should we draw the line? Over the years, a need to call roofers for a fix will surely arise, but if this occurs once every few months it may be necessary to think about the problem in a different way. While a roof replacement is a serious task, it will save you money and keep you from worrying in the long run.

    Not an easy decision

    As mentioned, completely replacing your roof should not be your first choice. At times simply replacing damaged shingles can be enough. These tiles are exposed to rain, snow and heat, and if they suddenly gave in you can imagine the trouble we’d be in. While it may sound easy, switching a layer of shingles isn’t insignificant, as you can’t simply hammer them down and hope for the best.

    With time and technology, protection slowly advanced from unreliable wooden tiles towards metal roofing, which is becoming more and more popular with its many benefits. Although this seems like an ideal investment, if we often find our attics damp or with a leak in the ceiling, calling a professional to inspect the structure itself is a good idea.

    Reasons for repair

    With age some things become better, others – not as much. A roof typically lasts two or three decades, depending on the quality of work when it was first installed. Remember that if it looks good, that doesn’t mean there are no problems. As mentioned above, shingles are our front line of defense, and they are often a telltale sign that support is needed.

    Curled shingles are a sign of weathering, and as entire groups of them might be damaged, instead of just one or two, you might want to consider a complete overhaul. Lastly, if sunlight can find a way into the attic, so can rain and snow.

    Where to begin?

    If a home roofing expert makes the call, it’s important to jump right into solving the problem. As far as home repairs go, roof maintenance is near the top of the list, if not number one. First of all, as with any big project, it’s important to plan ahead and figure out who to call. Look and ask around for a reliable and heard-of company, as you want the best and most experienced team of workers as possible.

    The cost usually ends up near $20,000, so start preparing a budget as soon as possible. Making the right decisions regarding roofers and the type of tile might save you quite a bit of money, believe it or not. Some types of shingles offer more protection but depending on where you live you might end up wasting the money for something you don’t really need.

    Find the right equipment

    Ideally, the work should be done in clear weather, as rain can prolong the work from a few hours up to a few days. Having found the ideal team of roofers, you should try to help them as best you can. On one hand, a few refreshments during their work will surely motivate them.

    On the other, if you’re looking to be as helpful as possible, considering a cherry picker for hire, for example, would be a good move. It can make the job many times simpler, both in terms of ease and safety. So make sure to simplify your work as much as possible, and protect yourself and the workers on your roof. This is not a huge investment, but it surely is helpful.

    Interested in the process?

    As we’ve covered planning and the ways in which you can help the workers, you might as well get acquainted with the steps they’ll be taking. Firstly, they will remove all of the tiles from the roof and deposit them, after which a check-up of the structure is done.

    Replace any damaged wood and add a layer of roofing paper, which acts as an inner barrier that blocks water from getting inside. Next, a metal drip edge is nailed on each side of the roof, and the roofers start putting up new shingles. Clean away any debris and call for approval from a building inspector that the job is well done.

    And that’s about it! We’ve been through the whole process, the ways you can help even if you’re not an expert. It may sound troubling but as long as everyone knows what they’re doing, it could be done in a day. Again, the most important parts in all of this are to be aware of any problems, and if there are any, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

    Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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