How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano

    If you are moving to a new place, one of the challenging things will be transporting your piano. There are many moving companies that provide piano moving services. You need to work with professionals like us because doing it yourself could easily injure you or damage your piano.

    Here are some frequently asked questions about how much it costs to move a piano.

    Factors Affecting the Piano Moving Cost

    Professional piano movers make several considerations when charging you for moving your piano. There are four main factors that affect the cost of moving a piano. These include the type of piano, dimensions and weight, the distance the piano has to move, and storage.

    • Type of Piano

    The type of piano you have will affect the moving cost. Typically, professional piano movers charge moving a larger piano will cost more. The shape of the piano will also affect how it is going to be moved.

    Pianos with an awkward shape take more time to disassemble before moving them. Some pianos also come with different attachments and parts that will affect the moving price. A large piano with various parts will require special equipment, which could affect the price for transportation.

    • Dimensions and Weight

    A small upright piano takes fewer men to transport and thus costs less. However, for a piano that weighs more than 1,000 pounds, more men and equipment will be used. For example, transporting a grand piano can cost up to $1,000.

    • Distance

    The distance the piano will be moved to will also affect the cost of moving it. Professional piano movers use trucks with hydraulic lifts, ramps, and multiple rings to protect the piano while on transit. The cost for moving over a long distance can cost between $2 and $10 for every mile.

    On the other hand, moving over a long-distance can cost between $450-$2,000.

    • Storage

    In some cases, a piano may have to be stored for a short while, which is sometimes a free service. In some cases, you will have to pay a monthly fee to keep your piano in a climate controlled area. You may also have to pay for storage in long-term temperature conditions.

    How Is the Piano Shipping Cost Calculated?

    Professional movers calculate the cost of moving a piano based on different variables. These include hourly rates, flat rates, moving distance, and disassembly.

    • Hourly Rates

    Some professional movers charge an hourly rate for their services. They include factors like the travel fees, the equipment used, the time used to move the piano, and the time used to disassemble the piano. For example, a local move may take at least three hours.

    • Flat Rate

    Professional piano movers charge a flat rate for long-distance moving. The flat rate includes move distance, obstacles, and piano type. In some cases, the movers may charge a base rate of $50 to $100 plus moving costs, barriers, and travel fees.

    • Move Distance

     The length of the trip will affect the cost of moving a piano. Movers may also charge a hardship fee if you are transporting your piano through rough terrain at origin or destination address.

    • Partial Disassembly

    If you have a grand piano, the movers will have to disassemble it before they start carrying it. This job costs extra. In some cases, you may have to pay additional costs for removing the piano’s music rack, legs, and pedal box.

    The Additional Cost in Moving the Piano Overseas and Locally

    A professional moving company will also charge an additional cost for moving a piano overseas and locally. These costs include crating, hoisting, insurance, emergency moving, and tuning.

    • Crating

    If your piano requires protection, the piano movers will provide a customized crate for safe transportation. Crating costs between $800-$1000.

    • Heat-Treated Crating

    There is also heat-treated crating for moving a valuable piano over a long distance. This protects the computer from moisture and temperature variations.

    • Hoisting

    If your piano cannot be moved through hallways or narrow passages, the professional movers will have to use special equipment. This service may cost at least $700.

    • Insurance

    Professional piano movers provide basic coverage for free. However, any extra coverage will cost more. For example, you may have a fee of $15 extra per $1,000 of piano value.

    • Emergency Moving

    When moving a piano in an emergency, you may have to pay an additional cost. For last-minute moves, you may have to pay an extra charge of $300-$600 depending on whether the move is local or interstate.

    • Re-Tuning

    Pianos need to be re-tuned after they are moved. Some of the reasons for re-tuning include unavoidable vibrations and shocks on the road. They are also tuned because of variations in humidity and temperatures.

    Equipment Cost in Moving an Upright Piano

    Piano movers used special equipment when moving pianos through difficult terrain. This affects the cost of moving the piano. Some of the tools for moving an upright piano include a 4-wheel moving dolly, a hump strap, and a locking piano belt.

    The typical equipment charges are as follows:

    • 4-wheel piano moving dolly-$35.
    • A piano skid board-$160
    • A locking piano belt-$35

    Equipment Cost for Moving a Grand Piano

    The equipment used to move a grand piano includes two locking piano belts, a mover’s pads, and a skid board. The typical equipment charges are as follows:

    • Two locking piano belts-$35
    • Quality mover’s pads-$30
    • A piano skid board-$160

    Final Thoughts

    Moving a piano is not an easy operation. You need to enlist the services of a professional moving service. Our experts at Sunshine Movers handle challenges moving different types of pianos with exceptional efficiency. Reach out to us today for reasonable rates and personalized services.


    How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano Across States?

    Moving a piano across states costs between $500 -$2,000

    How Much Does It Cost to Move a Small Piano?

    Moving an upright piano which is smaller than a grand piano costs between $400-$900

    What Is the Best Way to Move an Upright Piano?

    A piano should not be rolled on its metal casters. They should be moved using the right equipment. These include moving dollies, locking belts, and mover’s pads, depending on the type of piano.

    How Do You Store an Upright Piano?

    An upright piano should be stored in a large enough facility. A piano should be stored on a piano board. A piano should also be covered with a cotton sheet to protect it from dust and environmental changes. It is also advisable to invest in a climate-controlled storage facility to protect it from humidity and temperature changes.

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