The Ultimate Guide To Buying Plots in Pune

    Pune in Maharashtra is the state’s second-largest city and is also known as the state’s cultural capital. Many people move here to complete their further studies or for their job. The city offers ample employment opportunities to the general public attracting them more and more. Let’s not forget the beautiful mountains and hilly regions in and around Pune that adds to the city’s beauty heightening the appeal to move there.

    Pune also boasts as India’s most significant automotive hub, with domestic and international automotive players manufacturing here, including Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Force Motors, Volkswagen, Mahindra & Mahindra, Jaguar Land Rover and Renault.

    Pune is also famous for its ever-rich historical significance. With places like Sinhagad Fort, Pataleshwar Cave Temple and Osho Ashram, one can stay in touch with their history while staying up to date with the latest trends in Pune.

    While Pune as a city is magnificent, reading this ultimate guide to buying plots in Pune will help you make a more informed choice.

    What Kind of Plots Are Available in Pune?

    Everybody’s preferences are different. Some prefer to live among the city’s hustle and bustle, while some enjoy living in peace among the city’s outskirts.

    Luckily, Pune comes with plots available for everybody. If you want to live with the city’s hustle-bustle, you can prefer buying a plot in Baner, but if you love living without any disturbances, you can indeed check out some plot options in the Sinhgad region.

    From residential plots to commercial plots, Pune comes with enough selections for everyone interested in investing here.

    Advantages of Buying Residential Plots for Sale in Pune

    1) Steady Return on Investment or ROI

    One of the most excellent reasons for investing in a Pune plot is the steady stream of Return on Investment the plots offer here. On average, the Pune city plots provide their buyers with an appreciated ROI than the neighbouring areas. With more and more reputed developers building their flagship projects in the city coupled with the increased inflow of new people has led to attracting more brands to lay their operations in the city, not only creating jobs but also appreciating the value of properties in their vicinity. What’s more, Pune is considered a safe investment option in residential realty, leading to continued year-on-year appreciation in property prices.

    2) Improved Social Infrastructure

    With the regular advancements happening in the city, Pune city has been seeing an improvement in the city’s social infrastructure facelifting the whole city to the next level every year. Investing in a plot in Pune at this period of time is going to ensure that you and your family stay ahead of time and reap the benefits of upcoming social infrastructure. A rise in improved Social Infrastructure is also a good sign that the city is moving forward and is not staying behind in providing its citizens with top-level social infrastructure (hospitals, colleges, schools etc.)

    3) Traffic Congestion

    As compared to its neighbouring cities and especially Mumbai. Pune city is blessed with lesser traffic congestion, meaning that you would not have to deal with excessive traffic going to even the prime areas of Pune like Koregaon Park or Kothrud. This means that you can buy your plot in Pune without you or your family worrying about having to get stuck in traffic while going to the office, school or even for just a trip!

    4) Magnificent Views

    Pune enjoys beautiful hilly regions surrounding it, rightfully earning it the title of “Queen of the Deccan”. With Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani and many more beautiful hill stations nearby, Pune enjoys magnificent views everywhere you look. If you buy your plot in Pune, you can rest assured that every location from your residential plot is going to offer you mesmerising views that are going to win your heart at every glance.

    5) Smart City Model

    The Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL) plans to address the city’s current challenges, including energy efficiency, increasing green cover of the city, slum rehabilitation, introducing digital technology to the residents, and empowering the underprivileged youth. With so much to achieve, there’s also been phenomenal growth. Pune is working flawlessly on its Smart city model, and in no time, the city will achieve the status of a smart city. Investing ahead of the time in Pune city will only safeguard your interests and make sure you get the best of your money’s worth.

    How To Buy A Plot in Pune?

    We just covered the advantages of buying a plot in Pune, and while it is fun knowing the advantages of the city, the best portion comes while purchasing the plot.

    1) Finalise The Budget

    The first step to buying a plot in Pune is finalising the budget you are planning to spend on it. This changes a lot of the factors for you. If you are looking for a plot in the budget range of 50 Lacs, your property options would be different from a budget of 1 Crore. Finalising the budget gives you a clear mind while surfing through thousands of plot options and saves you from getting confused.

    2) Know Your Needs

    The second step is to know your needs. Are you a married person looking for a plot in a region with schools and is near the office spaces, or are you a bachelor looking to be near the happening areas? Are you a retired person thinking of settling away from the city’s hustle and bustle and want a quiet place for your plot to be in? Knowing what you need before going to buy a property not only saves you from making the wrong decisions but also protects your investment from happening in a non-desirable area. One should also note that the above-listed needs are not standard and can change from person to person.

    3) Look For The Suitable Locality

    The third step is to find out the locality that caters to all of your needs. You should also make sure that the nearby localities’ condition around your locality is good. This is necessary as you would have to encounter those localities daily once you construct your premises on your plot.

    4) Go For A Reputed Developer

    After finalising the locality, the next big step is to go for a reputed developer. This is because a reputable developer would have his properties for sale in the best localities, and you would not need to worry too much about the safety of the transaction. Also, reputed developers offer many great amenities with their plots that you can benefit from once you build your premises there. If you want to get a great deal on your plot and have zero worries, always go for a reputed developer.

    5) Seal The Deal

    Now’s the time you get to make the deal. Always make sure that you read all the documents carefully and submit all the necessary documentation as required to avoid any future disputes.


    Pune is a picturesque city surrounded by breathtaking greenery. Buying plots in Pune is a dream for many. While you plan on “building” your dreams, we are happy to be a part of your journey. We hope that this guide here would help while buying a property in Pune. Nevertheless, property purchase decisions should never be rushed.v

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