10 Ways to Celebrate a Big Day While Socially Distant

    You wonder how you’ll celebrate during social distancing; it’s good to find ways to make your friend feel loved on their big days. Continue reading at these ten ways you can celebrate a big day while socially distant.

    Virtual Movie Night and Dinner

    Movie night and social streaming are King! You should schedule a night and have a virtual movie time. Download the Netflix party extension in your browser and all you friends should watch the same movie simultaneously. The extension features permit you to stop and continue the film at the same time for snack and bathroom breaks. It also provides a chat room where each person can share their thoughts about the movie.

    Have Digital Party

    Google Hangouts, HouseParty, Facetime, Zoom, etc., pick your best and conduct a digital party. Celebrate birthday wishes for a friend by gathering allies together to celebrate online. Choose a special friend to be the guest of honor and have him/her sing the “Happy Birthday Song” when he/she logs in. Decide a refrain for your virtual party and have each member dress up and go all out. You can dress the special friend’s favorite color.

    Send Dessert and Flowers

    You should reach out to all friends and invite everyone to send a bouquet to the special friend celebrating the birthday. Fill their entire bedroom or kitchen with flowers as a surprise. There are plenty of online retailers that specialize in baked products. Nothing says a better Happy Birthday than sweets and cakes.

    Deliver a Birthday Gift in a Box

    Do you remember my birthday gift? It’s a question you’ll get from our friends before celebrating their big days. It doesn’t require meeting face-to-face, whether it’s a design for an online party setting or your fellow quarantined friend, having them receive a birthday gift wrapped in a box with few decoration ideas can help elevate their mood.

    Plan a Pandemic Parade

    You’ll have to choose a strategic place in your city or community to celebrate your friend’s big day. If your neighborhood or city doesn’t have restricted areas for such occasions, invite your friends and family to drive towards your friend’s house decorated with balloons to deliver those well-wishes in a beautiful style.

    Send a Card or Virtual Mail

    The simplest and the easiest way to have your birthday friend feel loved is by sending a Happy Birthday card. Nowadays, it is easy because many E-cards services like my personal choice and Paperless post-offer various options that aid in sending online greetings and well-wishes. Others like Hallmark Crown Rewards offer free shipping of cards. If your friends have cards on hand, then who doesn’t love to open a mail? You can also send an email wishing your friend Happy Birthday.

    Crafting Together

    Crafting is an excellent choice for a teen party. Prior to an online hangout, you can send all your youth friends a kit to create a fun craft together, such as pillows and friendship bracelets. You can suggest to your friends to make a bracelet with the friend’s name celebrating their birthday.

    Offer Facemasks

    In a socially distant birthday party, commence with invitees wearing face masks. Although some friends may decide to bring their own, you should make facemasks readily available. This way, nobody will have an excuse for not wearing one. You can also consider ordering custom masks or conducting a temperature check for all members present.

    Connect through a Video

    Phone calls and messages are excellent ideas to celebrate while socially distant, but there is nothing great than seeing your friend’s smiling faces. So, you should share your happiness through a group video call and wish your birthday friend a happy birthday together to help boost their mood.

    Visit a Museum Online

    If you’ve dreamed to take your friend on a trip during their big day, you still can even during this pandemic period. Currently, you can travel the world with your friends through a virtual museum picnic. You’ll only need to choose your favorite site to see the offerings. You can select the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Louvre Museum in Paris, and many more.


    Whether you want to meet your friend but unable due to inability to travel or social distancing, consider conducting the above ten caring ways to ensure your friends are happy and feel loved during their big days.

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