Birthday in summer? Here are the 8 summer friendly gift ideas for your wife or GF!

    Summer calls for some fun and frolic. In fact, it the ideal time to arrange outdoor parties. Think beach and pool parties and you will know what we are talking about here. Having an important birthday coming up during this part of the year only adds to the overall partying mood of summer. There is no birth date more important than the one on which your bae is born.

    Are you lucky enough to have a wife or girlfriend born in the sweet and sunny summer? Well, you can throw her an amazing party every year without running out of ideas. However, choose her birthday gift more carefully.

    Uh oh! Is that sweat on your brow that we see? Is that because of the summer heat or you do not understand what summer gift to buy for your bae? Do not fret, because we are here to help you with it once and for all.

    We have 8 interesting summer gift ideas you can choose from for this year and reserve the others for the coming birthdays. Glad to see you smile. Now dig in!

    1. Summer shades

    woman in sunglasses

    This idea never gets old. A cool pair of stylish and chic summer sunglasses is bound to bring a smile on her face. You can either get her a one with a refreshing color from these Roshambo Junior Shades or you can apply to the diva inside her and give her these Sunday Somewhere ‘Pixie’ Sunglasses.

    2. A spacious yet stylish traveling bag


    One thing you must have learned by this time; there is nothing else women love more than space to hoard their never-ending belongings. You also know they have a lot of items to accommodate especially when its summer and you are going for a vacation.

    Admit it! She is the one who packed your stuff in her bag, most of which you had either forgotten or deemed unnecessary on a trip. Also, remember how you end up using almost all of that ‘useless junk.’

    We think we have guilt shamed you into buying her a ‘huge’ traveling bag. However, you are dealing with a woman here so do not forget about ‘style.’ Check out this leather travel bag, she will definitely love this one. Also, give this carry-on by Tumi a try.

    3. Camera

    Gone are the days when diamonds were the best friend of a girl. Their latest friends are selfies and great pictures. Get the hint and buy her a camera with zoom on point and lens all set to capture her various moods. Think of this as an investment because she will not only love you when you will give it to her but every time she will take a breathtaking picture. Check this Fujifilm Instax Mini as an option.

    4. Jewelry

    Jewelry as a gift for wife or gf

    Forget what we said before, girls still love their jewelry but yes diamonds are not only what floats their boats. The latest fashion fad as far as jewelry is concerned, includes unsymmetrical and unique designs. Get her either this super elegant stone bracelet from Florida-based Bourbon and Boweties or this BaubleBar Hokkaido Pendant. Buying both pieces will be an even better option.

    5. Beauty and wellness oils

    Beauty oil

    What could be a better way to spend your summer than lying around on a beach massaging therapeutic oils on your body? Even you are tempted, right? Think about your womenfolk who have a plethora of stress-inducing responsibilities on their mind. Do not make that face; she has to take care of you, which alone could cause panic attacks to stronger people than her. Just kidding but you can definitely make her laugh with this speech as you give her a set of relaxing oils. Give Uma Oils Wellness Oil Trial Kit a try.

    6. A cleansing device

    Cleansing device

    This one might go over your head and believe us when we tell you, this one will work. Women love their skin and taking care of it comes naturally to them. Giving her a cleansing device will help her protect her facial skin from the blistering summer heat. Find out 5 amazing cleansing devices from different brands that she is bound to appreciate at Wise Bread.

    7. Pool floats

    Pool floats

    What is the point of having a summer pool party without some fun pool floats? The variety of products you will find for this particular gift idea will blow your mind for sure. For example, these heart floats are the cutest, don’t you think? Plus you get one too. You can give her this Mermaid tale pool float as well and let her be extra!

    8. Swimwear


    Finally, giving her a stylish swimwear will never go out of fashion. This works always because your girl needs it to show off her beach body. Women work for it throughout the year and you will score a lot of points with her by getting her the perfect swimwear. When you buy her swimwear from Sophie and Trey, you are not only fulfilling her never-ending need for swimming costumes but also showing her that you care. You never know this gesture of yours might enlighten a spark you guys needed.

    Now that you have a handful of ideas about what to get your girl, go hit the market or order your pick online. Whatever you give her, make sure that you think it through and add a personal touch to it. Remember for giving a gift, it is the thought that counts but also the gift itself. Happy gift hunting and best of luck!

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