7 Convincing reasons to choose home stay versus hotels

    Selecting an accommodation can be a tough task especially when you are visiting the place for the first time. But, depending with whom you are going to spend a wonderful time, you can always think about a homestay. So, here are reasons why you should book a room at the homestay.

    1. A friendly place

    A homestay is nothing but a home that offers amenities just as a hotel. If you are traveling to the destination for the first time, then a homestay might not be as appealing as you had ever thought about. But, once you have settled down, the services are personalized because you would be staying in someone else’s home. The sense of belonging makes you feel as if you have arrived at your native place or you are at your grandmother’s residence.

    As compared to hotels, the staff members at the homestay can actually afford to meet the demands of a few guests. This might not be the situation when the hotel is taking care of hundreds of individuals. The host would pay attention just in case you need something urgently.

    2. A homely atmosphere

    No one knows a place better than the individuals living around the area. So, soon after you check-in at the homestay, you can gather information through the local residents. There are some points you may not find as you are skimming the guide. You may come across many websites, but most of the information published online is copied from one or the other site. Additionally, the host would always be delighted in lending a helping hand. Most of the business is made as the host interacts with the guests and speaks more about the local area. The individual points out shortcuts and scenic routes which ultimately help to explore the place in a better way.

    3. A different menu

    Menus at the homestays include food items which local residents usually eat. But, if you are a traveler who likes eating lip-smacking cuisines or chicken, then you can always ask the host. But, in that case, you would be missing a wonderful opportunity of trying the local flavor. In fact, you would simply love local recipes because the taste and texture of the dishes is far beyond your expectations.

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    You might have a fear of eating certain recipes, but once these are prepared, you would be eager to savor them. The steps local residents follow are far different from the ones which you might have read while going through a recipe book.

    4. A tranquil location

    If you are traveling to get away from the bustling and noisy city, then you should always prefer staying at a homestay. Since the property is not quite large, you would be at a tranquil place with not more than 10 people around the homestay. Once you are closer to nature, you would also be able to visit remote areas and roaming around a less populated area. With people you haven’t met before, you would cherish moments and think about staying at the homestay for a few more days. If you are seeking a homestay in Punjab, then you should certainly think about Hamira Homestay.

    5. Be responsible to give back

    As you stay at the homestay, you would be delighted in contributing to the livelihood of the community. Though you would find homestays in every state of India, a range of options can always be a good way of earning for the host. You may end up purchasing handicraft from people if you meet them at any instance. It’s always a great way of giving something for the creative work and tell others what the place is famous for.

    6. Find a companion

    Soon after you have arrived at the destination, you don’t know whom you would encounter. It could either be an ex-hunter, a maharaja or an old lady. No matter what, homestay owners always welcome guests even if they are strangers. As conversations go on and on, you might just find a new friend. Once you return home, you would never forget the person and the way in which he or she had catered you during those holidays. You would certainly stay in touch with the host if you’re planning to visit the place again sometime later.

    7. An inexpensive option

    Finally, a homestay is always affordable and this is the most pragmatic reason to choose the accommodation over a hotel. There’s nothing to worry about because you don’t have to pay for hidden costs and different types of taxes. You may not find the amenities to your satisfaction, but in the end, you would be saving money. Later, you can think about spending it for an extra sightseeing excursion or when you decide to go for a trek. You can also think about buying something special for your loved ones once you visit the nearest market.

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