Top 10 holiday travel tips and tricks

    Traveling during the holiday can be a big hassle and time-consuming experience. It can also be expensive considering all the children and family members are traveling in groups. You, therefore, need to plan and adapt good traveling tips and tricks as discussed below. Be ready to get the best deals for travel during holidays.

    Avoid peak travel dates

    There are cut-rates whenever you travel on normal days rather than on peak travel dates. Avoid traveling on celebrated days since you are likely to pay more. The peak travel dates change depending on the day big holidays such as Christmas and New Year fall. They are the most traveled date, and you will surely pay more. Consider traveling earlier like a day before or after depending on your travel purpose. You can use search engines to generate the flexible travel dates for you.

    Packing tips

    • Pack all your staff in one carry-on bag. This saves you time during the check-up at the airport. TSA officials and fellow passengers will not be in a good mood with you if you are slowing them with many disorganized bags.
    • Bring an extra empty bag. This will be for carrying any gifts and bounties you collect on your way back home. It also ensures that you will get back home comfortably without incurring extra transport cost.
    • Wear your heavier clothing. Do not pack heavy clothes if you can wear them. You will be saving a lot of space. Roll clothes when packing to save extra space
    • Don’t bring electronic entertainment. This saves delays at the security checks. A laptop and a phone are enough. Bring a pair of earphones too.
    • Don’t forget your essentials. Anything you need close to you like medications should be easily accessible.
    • Traveling with gifts. Consider shipping gifts earlier on to get them in your country on arrival to avoid the hassle of security check on the last day. If you can’t manage to ship them, don’t wrap them. They are unwrapped during security checkup and may be a waste of time.

    Prepare for problems with your children

    Traveling with kids can be a big problem. You have to distract them and remind them to keep quiet. The main problem is when the air sickness attacks them. You need to be able to access the air sickness bags in advance. Make sure you divide roles. When one parent lines for the luggage check-up, the other should be with the kids.

    Get to the airport on time

    Leaving for the airport early enough is the only surefire way to catch your plane. The following tips should enable you to save travel time to the airport.

    • Avoid carrying checked luggage since it can add up to 90 minutes of your travel
    • Don’t get caught in a traffic jam. Use shortcuts if possible.
    • Check with your travel companies if they have policies regarding late or missed flights

    Don’t drive yourself

    Many people travel when holidays roll around. It’s better to have a driver if you have to go by car. Assuming your driver is responsible makes you feel obligated to be ready on time. If you are nervous about the travel, you will not drive well. Your driver will have less at stake and will drive you safely through the winter weather. Alternatively, you can consider public transport if it suits you. On holidays, the roads are more congested. Boarding train will save you time. You can check public transportation schedule online if available in your location.

    Make good use of your phone

    Sometimes, your smartphone can be your closest friend, especially when traveling overseas or having long drive hours. Your phone can help you manage itineraries via email or your airline’s website. You can also install TripIt on your phone to help you get a boarding pass without printing it.

    Avoid accessing public Wi-Fi networks

    Not all networks are safe for you since the cases of hacking and carding are on the rise. As a traveler, you probably buy gifts using credit cards. Losing your information and money is very easy when purchasing via a public internet network. A lot of free ad-hoc networks are set up to sniff any private information you enter.

    Pre-trip car checklist

    Hitting the road for long drives is a major test for your car. Even the smallest problem like worn out windshield wiper can turn your trip into crisis. Below are the important things you should always check before you start your journey.

    The GPS System

    Global Positioning System car navigation enables you to get to any destination easily.

    Review Your Owner’s Manual

    It is the most reliable source of information and guides you on how to change bad tires, check air pressure, how to manage headlight and many things that can cause you delay.

    Check for Possible Signs of Problem

    If you notice any irregular noise and vibrations or knocks, contact a mechanic immediately. Check the engine oil level, engine coolant level, and automatic transmission fluid before you leave. Check for brake fluid, windscreen washer, and power steering fluid. Check your tire pressure and any regular checkup routine that is necessary. Do not assume any problem by dimming it small if you want to reach your destination in time.

    Traveling during holidays can be simple and enjoyable. You only need to prepare yourself in advance and have all factors sort out in time. Observing the above tips and tricks will help you maneuver flight delays, long lines, and bumper to bumper traffic. You will probably miss nothing from packing to actual travel with these guidelines. Having a wonderful trip is determined by how well you are prepared.

    Blake Slade
    Blake Slade
    Blake Slade is the owner of Carcareninja and an experienced car mechanic. He always provides the latest information about car care. He likes to share his own experiences with all of us.

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