Mother hacks for travelling with children: a pocket guide!

    Being a mother of a toddler and two adolescents, I know precisely how hectic traveling with kids can get. But family trips shouldn’t scare you, just because of the hassle of food, and packing clothes and the mood swings. With thoughtful planning, everything can be handled. There are many ways in which you can control the cute, unruly children of yours.

    1- Use of Ziplock bags:

    Packing clothes were never easier before you stuff your suitcase grab a packaging of ziplock bags and manage to pack an individual outfit separately in it. Similarly, pack extra shirts and pyjamas in two separate bags, and when you reach your destination, you won’t have to spend hours figuring out the clothing pairs.

    2- Naphthalene balls:

    Worried about the wrinkles or odor? Don’t. You can try looking for hotels that provide laundry services (ironing) for free or at a low cost. Odour can be removed by keeping Naphthalene balls inside the bag. There are wrinkles releases in the market as well.

    3- First-aid box:

    I’m sure this one you won’t forget but do remember keeping the first aid box with you. It doesn’t matter what your destination is, and how developed the destination state might be. You can end up needing the first aid kit anywhere! Better be prepared than facing grave damage.

    4- Toys for kids:

    Don’t forget to pack your kids’ toys, or that favourite small blanket they do not sleep without. It’s good to have something from home around because then your kids will feel less nostalgic. And you have no idea what difference a bag of colour chalks can make on their moods. Pack colour crayons, colouring books (you can get papers printed from your hotel printing service).

    5- Safety of your luggage:

    You should ziplock your bag, no matter if you’re traveling by air or by road. It keeps your phone safe from splashes, spills, and bumps. The hanging part of ziplock helps hang the phone on the back of a seat to give you your mini theater.

    6- Knowledge of the place and the expenses that you will have to bear:

    It’s important to keep in mind that when you’re going with family, you’ll need to keep budgeting in your mind a lot! In this case, it is advisable that you clear the cache and search in private browsing for hotel and airline deals so that prices do not vary based on the previous information you’ve fed to the internet about you.

    7- Installation of travel guide apps:

    Alright, you always thought why the younger generation used phone more for stuff other than just calling someone? You’re about to know why. Download all the handy apps that are going to make your trip comfortable, such as hotel deal-finding apps and travel guide apps. Also, download an offline version of the map of areas you plan to visit (especially if it’s a road trip).

    8- Safety bracelet:

    Another great idea is getting those numbered beads from the market and crafting out a bracelet that has your number on it for the toddler or even kids of a higher age group. This way, god forbid if they get lost whoever finds them can contact you.

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    9- Baby gear:

    As far as the baby gear is concerned, I don’t think you should spend a fortune on them. Because ultimately packing them and carrying them around is a hassle and heavy on the pocket too. Instead, rent it wherever you go. You will feel much more relaxed this way and will have to worry less about one thing.

    10- Food and snacks:

    I’m sure you thought about packing snacks. But the question is what snacks? Well, cheese and crackers are a must! Also, pack frozen juice boxes. Get sweet snacks like pretzels and make a necklace out of them, your kids will get to play and eat at the same time.

    11- Board games:

    Always pack board games. They are a fun way of spending time and children get to learn a lot from these games since they require one to think. I always pack chess because my children and I love to play a game of chess. There are other board game options like Monopoly etc. as well.

    12- Car alarm:

    Keep your children safe when you leave them inside the car, for that you will have to install a car alarm.  Your children’s safety should always be of paramount importance for you. So, try to keep them away from all the perils, especially when you’re on a road trip.

    I hope these simple hacks helped you realize going on a trip is not that horrible altogether. And you can have loads of fun if you plan right.

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