7 Fashionable Birthday Gifts to Get Your Wife

    Your life partner is someone who is there to handle all your mood swings and tantrums when everybody else will leave the room. He is someone you ought to make feel special always. And if it’s her birthday, then going out of the way to get her the thing she would love to have in her kit is always on the top of mind of a husband. But, this is where all men lag and all the ladies crib. But all the men out there, you need not worry much, because to less complicate this entire process, we have done all the research for you so that you can make your beloved talk about it in all the parties.

    1. Leather Totes


    There are very few women in the world who are not crazy about bags, but the only complain that makes her want to get another one is that not everything can be fitted in one.

    Totes are the newest trends that every girl can pull off really well not just because it goes with any outfit but also because it fits in every kind of occasion. And especially, if it is leather then it will compliment all the styles. Leather totes are slick and trendy and it is a must in everybody’s wardrobe.

    So, if your lady’s wardrobe misses this you ought to go out right now to get her one for her birthday. Even if she does have one, she would always love to have another one because at the end of the day no amounts of bags are enough. Also, all the men reading this, here’s a small tip: a lady can never frown on or dislike a leather tote. It is the easiest and the most loved gift a girl can get.

    2. Decorative Wine Box

    Glasses of wine

    If your wife lives by the line, ‘A glass of wine is the answer for all problems’, and this is something she will definitely love to have. Wine symbolizes suave, and there are a lot of woman out there who are wine hoarders. For them, this is where the search for the perfect gift ends.

    This will not just help her make a statement but it is for the woman who would like to keep it classy yet organized. These decorative boxes come in a lot of variety; some are quirky whereas some are stylish. It is good storage alternative for your wine and can also be placed at your shelf as a decorative. And it is definitely a magnet for all the compliments!

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    3. Hanging Cosmetic Bag

    If your wife loves trouble shooting or she hates that her makeup table is always messy and always complains for the lack of space to organize her makeup, this is what you should really get her so that she can find her mascara or the blush easily at a place without much of a haphazard or treasure hunt play.

    These bags come with different counters and are transparent that will let her organize her stuff well and find the brush right where she left. They can be hung on the wall so one can put it besides their dressing table for ease. It is also the perfect alternative that will help her keep her expensive cosmetics safe and secure.

    4. Personalized Pendants


    Jewelries are known to be woman’s first love but it has also become so cliché as a gift that we are sure you must have already though about. But keeping in mind that it can never be wronged and if it has to be a personal touch then nothing can be better than that.

    Personalized pendants are the way to go if you want to add a meaning addition to her jewelry box. You can either get a pendant customized with her name or get a playful word carved to embrace her neck. These pendants are made in silver, gold and even white gold. It is so sleek and pretty that your lady will definitely receive compliments after wearing one.

    5. Portable Charging Phone Covers

    Mobile phones have become a major part of almost everybody’s life now, but the most annoying thing is when the battery bar goes down and you run to a plug for a quick charge. But not everywhere you can find a plug point also wire charging restricts your mobility.

    For quick fix, this new trend of portable charger + phone cover is gaining a lot of prominence in the market. These covers come in a lot of variety and choice. You can pick one that compliments your wife’s personality and it will definitely become a part of her daily kit. It is the best combination of style and ease. This is also a must gadget your wife should have always so that her battery never runs out.

    6. Holiday Trip


    Travelling is something couples enjoy and splurge a lot on. And why should it be not, it is the best opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. With so many readily available travel packages, planning a tour has become quite easy.

    But if you are the kind of husband who would want to go a step ahead and plan a personalize trip for your wife, trust me it will always get a thumbs up from your wife. And most importantly, you can also plan a surprise trip on the D-day itself. So as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning surprise her with packed luggage and make her hop on to the flight to as destination where you can celebrate her birthday.

    So one day, you want to let her know that the husband can also be right and to be the Mr. Right she has married to, pick your choice quickly from the above and go ahead mister, surprise your lady! And well, if that smile on your face makes you feel like it is the best return gift, then don’t forget to thank us in secret. At the end we hope you found these options to be good, you can also read some more about wife birthday gift ideas from Zorba Cult.

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