How to Define Your Goals

    The first step to achieving goals is to define them. They must be specified and assembled from smaller, more achievable objectives (steps) that will give you a strong boost to persevere on this path.

    However, being precise about what you exactly want, hope for and lean towards is not an easy task, and it undoubtedly requires a certain kind of maturity. Still, maybe not everything has to be so serious; adopting the attitude of a child who doesn’t care for much except for his/her dreams is possibly the healthiest and most positive and optimistic attitude we can all adopt and move towards accomplishing those dreams, so try getting rid of the bad grownup habits.

    Having a lot of faith and enthusiasm is one of the key ingredients to fighting for something in life, so you better arm yourself with these and go forth to victory.

    Once we embark on this journey of self-exploration and ultimately accomplishing all we are hoping to, it is inevitable to start questioning particular things about your life and the journey itself; questions like: What do I really want to do with my life? What do I want to achieve? What would I be focusing on if I’d found out I only have a limited amount of time left? What would I most regret not doing?

    Each of the goals we’ve set for ourselves should come with a time-span we’ve envisioned for its realization. To feel even more stimulated to pursue your goals and dreams, reward yourself appropriately each time you accomplish something. Keeping track of everything you’ve accomplished gives you an insight into how strong you are and at the same time a stimuli about everything you can do and achieve, with just a little bit of knowledge, skill, dedication and focus.

    Unfortunately, living the crazy, hectic lives we live today, we often forget to reflect and take some time for ourselves. This only increases the amount of stress in this already overwhelmingly stressful life, which can cause the loss of motivation and consequently result in giving up.

    To stop that from happening, we should all realize how necessary it is to find an oasis of peace, our personal spiritual retreat no matter if it were a 15-minute break or a whole week, as long as it helps us stay in balance with our inner-selves. Taking the time for ourselves will help us stay calm no matter how frenzied everything surrounding us is.

    The best way to achieve your goals is to plan out the steps you’ll be taking; rely on your inner strength, persistence and a proactive approach, and you’ll get to the finish line in no time.

    Trust in the power of Universe for help and send out happy emotions about the goals you’ve set for yourself. The Universe works on the principle of attraction – the emotions and thoughts you are sending out are those exact ones you’ll be receiving back. Wire your mind in such a way that your whole persona thinks and feels you’ve already accomplished your goal – that way you’ll attract success before you thought possible. And while we understand such an attitude may sound a bit naïve and unlikely, it is the secret to success of many a successful sportsperson, business person, celebrity and plenty others who wished to become something and remain it.

    Also, whilst having a big picture of all the goals you wish to achieve is great, you need to start small and build up to avoid getting disappointed. Just as no castle was built in a day but it needed plenty of bricks and plenty of time, so do your goals need a realistic approach to their realization.

    Know what’s attainable in reality and what isn’t so that you know how to handle things that come your way. And, most importantly, believe in yourself – because that’s the best investment you can make!

    Roxana Oliver
    Roxana Oliver
    Roxana is a Sydney based travel enthusiast with a passion for writing. She loves fashion and has an eye for anything visually appealing and aesthetical. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. You can find her articles on HighStyleLife and StyleByAsia.

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