Productivity hacks to stop wasting your time

    Productivity is all about how efficiently and effectively you are getting your things done. You might sometimes find yourself complaining that you do not have enough time to get things done. But have you ever assessed how productive you are throughout your day? Or sometimes you might be willing to do the work but get distracted. Have you thought about how you can cut all the distractions and remain focused? This article will give some practical productivity hacks that you can use in your daily life to stay productive throughout the day.

    1. Make a To-Do list

    The first step is to set an intention for the day by having a list of things that you expect yourself to accomplish in that day. Many times we have some important things lying down for us to get done but we end up procrastinating. A to-do list will give you a kind of roadmap and a sense of clarity about what things you must focus on.

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    2. Plan for tomorrow

    Do you want to wake up feeling motivated? If yes, then try making the to-do list the night before so that you can wake up with a clear agenda. Make it a habit to review your day’s tasks that you have done and then make a list of tasks for the next day. This will simplify your days to a whole new level. Moreover, you will never lose track.

    3. Take action

    When you have a list of things to do the very next step is to pick up a task and take a dedicated action to get it done. There might be a big task in your list such as completing an assignment or preparing for a test and you just might not do it because it requires a lot of efforts. A quick way to get yourself started on the task is to write down the very first thing you need to do and complete that very first thing. You will soon find yourself getting the whole task done.

    4. Make a list of ‘Wins’

    If you think to-do lists are not just your thing try making a ‘wins list’ for the day. It is a list of things that you have accomplished in a day. So as you complete one task just add it down to your ‘win list’. In this way, you will feel motivated with each task getting done.

    5. One task at a time

    Researches show that multitasking reduces the IQ level and lowers the analytical abilities of a person. So just focus on one task at a time. Complete that task and only then move on to the next one. This will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but will also help you stay organized.

    Team work

    6. Find some motivation

    Find ways to motivate yourself to work and get things done. Today you can find a number of YouTube channels about organizing and improving your life. Follow them and try the methods that they provide. You can also do a weekly or monthly review of your goals with a friend or a mentor. This will also keep you enthused in life.

    7. Avoid decision fatigue

    Our day is a product of our choices. As the day passes our willpower to make decisions decreases and we end up making bad decisions which can also be stated as decision fatigue. So make most of the decisions for a day the night before so that you can just focus on what is important. You can also make checklists and templates such as a house cleaning checklist and avoid decision fatigue on minor things.

    8. Wake up early

    Waking up even an hour early than your usual time can help you get a lot of things done. People tend to have more energy and willpower in the morning. So it will be really helpful to you if you wake up a little earlier and do the most important or hardest task of the day at that time. Then you will be left with the easier tasks for the rest of the day.

    9. Automate your life

    Think about ways you can automate your tasks. For example, if you are working solo you may hire a virtual assistant to help you in your tasks or you may hire someone to keep track of your finances. If you are a student you can seek guidance from a tutor. Many medical students today take doctoral dissertation help or assignment assistance which saves a lot of their time and energy in handling everything all alone.

    Last, but not the least, do not fear to make a start! Just gather yourself up and step into the day with courage and enthusiasm. You will soon find yourself accomplishing things once you keep all your fears aside. What do you do to keep yourself productive throughout the day? Share your productivity hacks with us.

    Rruchi Shrimalli
    Rruchi Shrimalli
    Rruchi Shrimalli is a Content Marketing Manager for transtutors,, Goassignmenthelp and several other websites. She is a writer and a journalist at heart, and has been writing articles on various aspects of the Education domain since 2010. Her articles have been published at,, and Employment News among others.

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