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10 Great Tips to Overcome Your Loss of Motivation

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Loss of motivation is the experience we all want to avoid but still regularly encounter throughout all our lives. No matter how inspired we are with the idea of what we are doing, no matter how much we want to achieve the settled goals, eventually we feel that there is no fuel left to keep running with the same speed up to the end.

Trying to find a source of restoring motivation, we forget that staying tuned is a process that requires our everyday attention and regular efforts. Once we stop feeding our motivation, it starts to fade out. However, you can always stay focused and inspired for reaching your goals. Follow these 10 tips, and you will notice how you overcome the problem of motivation loss!

1. Remember your goal

To keep motivated, you need to be inspired by your goal. That is why before you start to do something, you need to set a clear, well-determined goal that is possible to reach within a required period of time. If you set the goals that you can never reach no matter how much efforts you pay, you start to lose motivation soon.

When the goal is settled, you need to make it your guiding star. Every time you lose the belief in what you do, remember the reasons that stand behind your idea. They should be strong enough to wake up your desire to keep working.

2. Point out your success

Frequently, people do not follow the progress. They just keep working without any idea how much they have already achieved to accomplish their goals. There is a simple strategy to stay motivated by your achievements: write down everything that you have already accomplished, and note how much is left to reach your final goal. With these notes, you can follow your progress and understand that everything that you do has a reason and contributes to your dream.

3. Visualize the results

Visualization is perhaps the strongest persuasive tool. For a human brain, it does not matter whether a good thing happened in a real world or just in your mind. It takes any success as a real one or imaginative. This strategy helps to relax, getting rid of tension and gathering all efforts to keep working. Besides, visualization helps build a stronger connection between your reasons and final goal.

4. Find people who support you

Motivation is an inner state that requires some influence from the outside world.  Most people cannot live without support. They lose passion, they do not believe in their reasons to keep working, and they even start to hesitate whether their goals are really important. However, when they find a person who supports them, everything changes. It is hard to stop working when someone tells you that your ideas are brilliant and deserve to be realized. So make sure that you’ve found a person who can become your motivation guru.

5. Mind your energy level

Sometimes motivation disappears because of the physiological reasons. When we lose the energy, nothing can help us stay tuned. We just want to sleep, eat, and have a rest. This is perhaps the most insulting way to lose motivation: your mind wants to keep working, but your body tells that it needs a pause. If you tend to lose energy, change your lifestyle. Become proactive: go to a gym, joggle, swim, or practice yoga. That will make your body stronger and build a stamina that you need for reaching your goals.

6. Make small steps

Our motivation fades away when we achieve nothing or even if we think that we achieve nothing. Change your attitude to this problem: make small steps and celebrate the tiniest progress. Let your mind believe that you do the right things on your way to make your dream come true.

7. Act

Acting is the only thing that leads you to your goal. As soon as you stop acting, you stop moving forward. Constituency brings the most effective results. Act every day, even if you feel that nothing motivates you. Eating and scratching want but a beginning as well as your motivation. It is always better to do something than you give up and pity yourself.

8. Take breaks

Though constituency is your key to success, you also should remember about taking breaks and having some rest while keeping moving making small steps forward your goal. It can be compared to a marathon: you have a certain distance to overcome and you have to distribute your efforts in such a way, you can come to the finish line.

9. Do not compare yourself to other people

The most effective way to lose motivation is to start to compare yourself to other people. We all are different, have different strengths and weak points, and reasons to accomplish goals. It means that for reaching one and the same aim some people need more time, some people require a special approach, and some people demand cooperation with other people. Your way of reaching goals is unique, and you need to be motivated by your own success.

10. Do not stick on problems

A road to reaching your dream is full of obstacles. You will meet them regularly, and your main task is to find out the way to overcome them. Once you stuck on the obstacles, you stop moving forward. Even if you think that there is no way to solve this problem, you can always make a few steps backward and choose another way of getting closer to your goal. Be flexible and believe in yourself. This will help you handle the difficulties.

Motivation is worth to fight for. It is a leading power for accomplishing your goals and enhancing your life. When you learn how to keep your motivation level at the highest point, you can achieve you goals paying fewer efforts and spending less time. Use these 10 tips in your everyday life and get inspired for bigger goals!

Richard Nolan
Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor,  sharing his experience in spheres of  blogging self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers.


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