Top 10 Relaxation Technique You Can Practice At Home And Bust The Stress Out

This world is so full of stress; everyone has his own share. Some show it; some don’t. Even infants and other children are not immune because stress can affect anyone and could be due to any reason; sometimes, without reason too.

The reasons for stress are many. Most important for relieving stress is:

  • that the individual realizes that he/she has stress; understanding the root causes of your stress and analysing your situation is most important and
  • that he/she is inclined to work on diluting or remove the cause of his stress and take appropriate steps to alleviate the stress.

The following are the top ten suggestions which can be implemented according to your convenience and way of life:

    1. Among the first steps which come to mind is meditation; You may acquire knowledge via the internet, seek expert help on the subject or join an institution or group which provides facilities. Meditation is known to provide relaxation while modifying some neural pathways in your brain. Meditation is a means of focusing your mind on the present,
    2. Breathing is basically of three types
      • Belly breathing
      • Paced respiration,
      • Abdominal breathing and
      • Diaphragmatic breathing.

      Breathing exercises are also a part of pranayama in Yoga; they are known to have gradual but long-lasting benefits in cases of stress, tension and depression. They also strengthen the breathing apparatus.

    3. Focusing on the present: Try to focus your mind on the things around you like the beauty of some bird or flower. This way you can concentrate on various actions like climbing or alighting from staircases, touching things, eating or brushing your teeth. Such insignificant-seeming acts might help you lessen stress.
    4. Interact with other people of your age group or others who you find to be pleasant company; your past schoolmates, neighbors and younger relatives can provide untold joy particularly if they are very small children,
    5. Feel your core: This is done by closing your eyes and looking inwards with your whole being. First look at your feet through your mind and then move upwards stopping at each part of your anatomy and try to make yourself stress free,

  1. A soothing massage: There is nothing like a slight massage for each part of your body. To start with, you have to cover your torso and above with a warm, hot wrap. Shut your eyes and relax your neck, face, chest and back muscles. After about 20” softly massage your tense muscles with a smooth ball or other round object,
  2. Follow your hobbies: For relieving stress, there is nothing like your hobbies and other pleasant pastimes which you like to participate in. Games, watching the news or your favourite soap opera might be the answer,
  3. Relax with music: Researchers have arrived at conclusions which suggest that listening to music helps in lowering blood pressure, steady the heartbeat rate,
  4. Be a sport: It has also been seen that all forms of sports, exercise and yoga assist your brain in reducing stress, depression, anxiety and heart attacks,
  5. Praying and singing are also known to have a relaxing effect to get rid of stress.

Everyone has his own triggers and pressure-points; hence, any of the above steps may prove beneficial in helping a stressed person to relax and lead a normal, fun-filled life.