Secret recipes for a healthy mind

    Buddha had once said, “Mind is everything. What you think you become.

    The mind is a sacred lighthouse of our body. A healthy mind is like a serene beach. As crucial it is to maintain our physical levels of fitness, it is equally important to groom our minds from time to time.

    Through thick and thin times, mind has surfed across rough tides of emotions like worries, temperaments, vulnerabilities, etc. It has become quintessentially mandatory to prim the mind from time to time to prevent it from having a dent or becoming malleable.

    Toning the mind is an essential factor. Let us look at some of the methods to create a diet plan for human mind.

    Method 1 – The declutter recipe

    The pioneer, Mahatma Gandhi had quoted, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

    The beginner’s step to achieving a fit mind is to declutter it. Throw away the unwanted gibberish lying hauntedly in the crooked nooks. What good does accumulated trash bring forth? Like your living space, mind also has to be vacuumed of stacked anger, jealousy, hatred towards others, etc.

    An interesting episode of a mind-declutter goes this way. A friend of mine had gone through an emotional heartbreak and she was refusing to move on. Her mind had become stagnant thinking about her ex. After about a year, when I had met her, I realized that this person had utterly shapeshifted to a mature, career-oriented independent woman.

    Talking about the morphing, she said, she let go of all the dump she was holding back in mind. After all the resentment, remorse and guilt stepped out, there was room for comfortably cataloging the thoughts. Then, she had slowly started refurbishing the mind and realized that she was much oriented to progress her career more than anything else. Currently, she is in a very successful position in a company with very satisfactory earnings.

    Hence, cleanse your mind and organize it sporadically so as to give it a neat and free shape to think. Then watch the wonders unfold!

    Method 2 – Keep the force strong recipe

    “A cheerful mind perseveres and the strong mind navigates its way through a thousand difficulties.”-Swami Vivekananda

    How do you create a mind that is fool-proof to rebukes, rebuttals, etc?

    The answer lies deep within yourself. Enhance your underlying strengths. Always, believe yourself to be the best version ever created. Never let anyone underestimate the power of yourself. Each one is born to achieve something great in life.

    So how do you retune your mind to it’s original self after being affected by hatred or being put down? Coat your mind with extra layers of barriers like self-confidence, tolerance, etc for reinforcement. This will help to cushion the buoyancy of a mind’s strength.

    An example of polishing a powerful mind is as follows. When a laborer goes to work, he starts the day on a positive note, which is to make as much money to be able to get meals for him and his family. Yet, there are places where he is being abused verbally, which in turn takes a mental toll on his health. Should he rather choose to stay calm and disregard the abuse or should he fight back?

    The answer is subjective. But if I were in the situation, I would train my mind to not tolerate the abuse, irrespective of the consequences and would definitely fight back till the end. I genuinely feel that it would be the right thing to do. Only a well-trained mind will be able to make decisions like this and prove to be worthy of surviving in the world.

    Screen draws to a close

    As Socrates had wisely put that, ” Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

    A bravado mind is more powerful than a mighty pen. Only a weak mind lets loose of the Pandora box of troubles that might be deterrent to one’s progress towards success. You need to necessarily have a sturdy mind to be prepared for what the world has to offer in the future. Else, it will be hard to navigate through the survival maze of life.

    The above mentioned personal recipes in this article are entirely subjective. But the key takeaway is that only when a human mind is in the right shape, it can overcome any pandemic or adversity, at any point in time. It is quintessential to pay attention to what the mind advises most of the time. So make sure to optimize time to groom, tone and fine-tune the mind to hit the beats and sing the rythms of life!

    Sadhana sadhu
    Sadhana sadhu
    Sadhna is an Asian Studies grad from NTU-SG. An Engineer by profession, but a writer by heart. Writing is her biggest passion since childhood. Currently, she's a motivational writer on Medium. She is currently inclined to writing articles on emotional upliftment. You can find her rants on her Medium profile at @gsadhana92. My gram ID is @sadhu92.

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