We’re Not Robots,Then Why Make Our Lives Mechanical  

    Centuries have passed and science has done a tremendous job, we are living a digital life nowadays. Day by day every aspect of our life is touched by technology from morning to night, and night to morning. We are not only touched by science, but highly influenced by the miracles of technology.

    We are becoming more mechanical in our work, the way we react, the way we communicate, the way we eat, the way we feel music, the way we see videos, and the way we do our daily routines, it’s just an endless list. Mechanics have done one thing surely and that is to simplify our basic needs or we can say it has decreased our physical exertion for survival. Other than that I don’t see a significant positive effect on deeper psyche level. I am not saying that it has negative effects but I am just trying to say that science has failed to empower us at intellectual or emotional level.

    Let’s try to explore the relationship between science and life. If we go by facts science has completely transformed our life. I doubt anyone would disagree with it. But if we put some light into it, then I believe that science has touched, even transformed our external environment and I must thank all the scientist and discoveries combined trying to streamline our journey of life.

    But what about internal environment or psyche part of life or deeper meaning of life. What has science done for it, how much help has it offered? How much transformation? How much effect? Have we become happier as compared to our ancestors? Do we feel more satiate or empty at heart as the technology advances? While science has evolved, I don’t think technology or science has helped us to evolve emotionally. In fact, it might have just proved a hindrance in true evolution.

    We have forgotten that our external easiness is just one aspect of life. We are not mechanical robots programed to execute a particular function without using our brain or hear, or driven by machine. There are much more shades of life which are completely unaffected by mechanics. Our relations, our self-esteem, emotions, self-actualization all are very important, even the most crucial aspects of our life where mechanical growth has no actual meaning, it’s just their without any influence.

    So to evolve emotionally we must go beyond our deficiency needs which nowadays are fulfilled for most of us by economic growth and technology. With the help of digitalization, internet, smart phones we are trying to fulfill our emotional need of connectivity, to feel in connection by creating a virtual world of social network which is again a dilemma. Why so, because:

    1. You are cut off from actual real world.
    2. You are searching happiness in virtual world which actually don’t exist.
    3. It cannot provide you emotional stability because true relations requires actual presence, sharing of each other vibrations, gentle tender loving touch, eye to eye contact, unsaid word through gestures, just being present with each other.
    4. You may be connected to hundreds or thousands but ‘the One’ is missing when you need him/her the most.
    5. The more time you give to social media, lesser time you have for yourself, your family, your loved ones.

    We are much more than food, shelter and fashion, we are much more than smart TV, phones, iPad or Microsoft, we are much more than cars, golf course and luxuries. How many of us will define our life’s fulfillment with all these advancements in the end. How many of us are actually healthy in all domains of physical, mental and social health?

    I am not advising something but ask yourself these questions and try to find the answer by yourself.

    1. Are you happy with your life?
    2. Is there is someone who truly loves you or you love someone unconditionally?
    3. Do you know, what you really want with your life?
    4. Are you attached to the luxuries provided to us by science and feel incapacitated without them?
    5. Can you stay calm in silence with yourself for half an hour without doing absolutely nothing?
    6. Are you losing yourself behind in your pursuit of happiness?
    7. Do you feel emptiness or vacuum inside untouched by every success or mechanical fulfillment?

    If you are happy and satisfied with your answers then congratulate yourself, if not then find them, go beyond scientific inventions, go beyond virtual world, and feel the real world, explore your true self more deeply, feel that vacuum , be absorbed with it, you will find the way to fulfill it by yourself.

    Take care, smile and love!!!

    Pankaj Verma
    Pankaj Verma
    Dr Pankaj Verma is Senior Doctor, Medicine in AIIMS, New Delhi, Interest in spiritualism, philanthropic attitude and professional knowledge of Medical Science and Meditation helped him explore the connection between the human body, mind power, diseases and human psychology. Increasing burden of physical diseases, mental diseases and moral degradation in the current generation triggered him starting this concept of teaching, treating and helping people to understand various aspects of life and maintain a healthy body, a beautiful mind and a great social life.

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