Sexperimenting – creative ideas for couples

If you spent many years together, your relationship must have reached the level of complete trust. Is it time for some experimenting? Everyday obligations, problems at work and at home can distract us from the moments of tenderness with our partner. To keep our passion and desire strong, we need to make an effort. You need to discuss thoroughly what your desires are.

This is the most integral part of sexperimenting. Most couples of today shy from these conversations. However, we assure you, you may find that your perfect mate is your perfect sex mate too.


One of the biggest dilemmas of modern and busy life is how to squeeze the sex in between work, meetings, making dinner, raising children and waxing. It is hard, but if you try with quickie it can be manageable. Surprise your partner when he or she least expect it, jump on and do it in a few minutes. Forget about undressing, just lift up the skirt and do it. If you like morning sex sneak up to your partners until they are getting ready for work and start your day with the proper energy bomb.

Role playing

Consult the internet for tips on how to start if you are new to the field of role playing. First thing is to find out what is your fantasy. If you already have a role play scenario in your head, you can skip this part … and the show can begin! Before you delve into the character, be sure to arrange, with your partner, the limit to which you feel comfortable, especially if you experiment with the punishments.

Sexperimenting - creative ideas for couples

Game of luck

If you or your partner are shy, and talking dirty during the act of sex is very hard for you, try your hand at a game of luck. In this game, you and your partner are both winners. The aim of this game is to discover what excites you and what excites your partner. You need two bags in which you will put the pieces of paper with written wishes. The game takes place in complete silence, and the point is to fulfil any partner’s wish that you take from the bag. Take a pen and write down everything that excites you if you are afraid to say it to your partner.

Change places

Sex in the bed is fun, but be adventurous and spice up your sex life. It is hard to enjoy sex, if you always do it the same position in your bedroom.

Sex outside – Why don’t end a quiet evening on the terrace of your home by having sex there? You and your partner are alone and your neighbours cannot see you. Use it if you have the opportunity, you will not regret.

Sex in the pool – It is clear that this does not refer to sex in a public pool. However, if you own a private pool you should definitely try this. There are even ideas how to upgrade the pool foreplay.

We would like to point out that the self-confidence is one of the most important things for your sex life. Lack of self-confidence during sex may be the reason for lack of satisfaction. Self-confidence can be the most erotic detail which you can bring into the bed with you; and your partner will definitely feel it.

Closing Word

There are a few things that you might want to think about when sexpermineting. For one, you should consider your physical fitness, especially if you are planning on doing something that is physically demanding. Also, you should be careful not to get carried away when it comes to birth control. Keep some condoms handy at all times just to make sure.

Sexperimenting - creative ideas for couples 3
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