Agnihotra – Helps to Prevent the Effect of Nuclear Radiation


    The essential meaning of the term ‘Agnihotra’ is derived from two different words – Agni, which represents the fire and Hotra, which represents the therapy that offers healing effect. In essence, Agnihotra refers to the Vedic version of home therapy that involves a simple healing process using fire as the healing agent. The healing takes place by creating equilibrium of body, mind, and creates a spiritual level protection from various negativities of this world.

    Effects of Nuclear Explosion

    Nuclear explosions can cause huge destruction, some of which are immediate while some others are delayed. Regardless of the design or type of the weapon used, the amount of energy released is enormous. This is extremely destructive in nature due to the ionizing radiation released during the explosion and during the fallout that causes delayed radiation.

    1. Immediate Effects: The immediate effects of nuclear explosion include; the blast; heat or thermal radiation; and nuclear radiation or prompt ionizing. The yield of the bomb determines the injuries and their extent. The blast can create high shock waves that pass through solid materials and air, where it deposits energy that gets released slowly.
    2. The Delayed Effects: Delayed effects are observed from a few hours after the explosion to centuries later, even at far flung locations from the detonation site. One of the main delayed effects is the vast amount of radioactive material that is released along with the debris left from the chemical reactions of the explosion.

    Agnihotra Can Prevent the Effect of Nuclear Radiation

    It has been proved that Agnihotra provides the essential spiritual shield with appropriate contribution of effort in the physical and psychological plane in order to prevent the drastic effects of nuclear radiation. Modern science is amazed with the spiritual studies that revealed the effect of this simple Agnihotra ritual practiced during dawn and dusk.

    Globe in hands

    The following would help you understand the effects of this ritual against a nuclear disaster:

    1. The Thermal Radiation: The thermal radiation or heat wave can cause third degree burns, causing death of tissues and stem cells of the skin. Such effects can be seen in an individual who is present 7km away from the source of explosion. The situation would damage over 25% of the body and would call for immediate medical attention.The level of protection for an individual practicing Agnihotra within the given radius is 30%.
    2. The Ionizing Radiation: The ionizing radiation creates various forms of radiation including alpha, beta, and gamma rays that penetrate even heavy and solid objects. The neutrons and gamma rays are the most deadly radiation. When a 1 megaton explosion occurs, it’s estimated that the effect of ionizing radiation is 3.1 km from ground zero.The level of protection for an individual practicing Agnihotra within the thermal radiation radius is 0%.
    3. Fallout: Fallout happens moments after the explosion and huge amounts of debris and earth rise into the atmosphere forming a heavy cloud, which starts falling back gradually for a very long period.

    The level of protection for an individual who practices Agnihotra within the fallout region is 50%.

    Spiritual Research Showing the Mechanism behind Agnihotra

    The entirety of the Universe is based on the 5 elements, out of which a nuclear explosion involves the main element of fire. On a spiritual level, the nuclear detonation creates vibrations that are dominant in raja-tama qualities of the fire element in the Absolute Cosmic. These have negative effect on the human intellect and mind, thereby resulting in depression and negative thoughts.

    Agnihotra increases the sattva vibrations of the fire element in the Absolute Cosmic, which disintegrates the negativity of raja-tama aspects and purifies the spiritual aura of a person. In other words, at a spiritual level, the positivity of the sattva force from within gains more power to destroy the negativity of the raja-tama from the nuclear detonation.


    Spiritual Level

    Agnihotra enhances the spiritual level of a person and any individual who averages 20% to 30% of spiritual level would gain minimal benefit whereas someone with a level of over 50% would have substantial protection with the ritual. With the increase of spiritual level, the need for Agnihotra practice becomes lesser and lesser.

    Importance of Spiritual Practice: You can increase your spiritual level by adhering to any of the 6 basic spiritual practices that is appropriate for you, as this enables a holistic and speedy growth.

    Attitude While Performing the Ritual: Surrender is the essential attitude to maximize the effect of this practice and this is most often found in people who have their spiritual level above 50%.


    Agnihotra homam process

    The potency of Agnihotra essentially depends on the spiritual level of an individual. Therefore, the concerned authorities from all over the world must initiate spiritual practices for the common people. Such a step, when combined with Agnihotra ritual, would prevent the huge damage of nuclear blast to a large extent.

    Sanjeev Kulkarni
    Sanjeev Kulkarni
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