The 8 most romantic getaways for Valentine’s day 2020

    Sometimes our busy lives take a toll on our love life. Although we are never busy for our loved ones, it sometimes gets hard to spare the quality amount of time with them, which they truly deserve. Now is the time to make-up for all the lost time because February is here, the month of love and lovers. Deep down, we all know that we don’t need an excuse for Valentine’s Day to shower love over our partners. We also see that surprise romantic getaways can quite a bit turn into a gamble. So by not taking up much of your time, we would like to help you out in deciding your dream destination by presenting you with The 8 Most Romantic Getaways For Valentine’s Day 2020.

    Let’s get started then, shall we?

    8. Greece

    Meteora monasteries. Kastraki, Greece.

    A Greek holiday! What could be a better way to dazzle your lover for Valentine’s Day than with a romantic trip to the Greek Islands? From Paros, Santorini, or Mykonos, you can choose your favourite. Greece will offer you stunning Byzantine architecture and a little seaside area proclaimed as “Little Venice.” All the more the whitewashed buildings and colourful flowers on every street will make your holidays super scenic.

    And for the unaware, Mykonos is also very well-known as the “gay party island,” throughout the Cyclades and for the same-sex couples, it will ensure a great time for your romantic getaways on this Valentine’s Day. So don’t you wait because Greek holidays are all about the sun, sandy beaches, pristine and clear blue water.

    7. Argentina

    Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina.

    Say  “Te Amo ” by taking Valentine’s break of a lifetime with a round-trip to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and the Iguazu Falls. You can even reach out to the end of the world by exploring Ushuaia where you will find the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and endless beautiful scenery.

    Think about doing the tango with your love and going on romantic dinners. Anyhow if you two just love each other’s company and don’t want to indulge in tangoing or are not into fancy dinners, then you can just take long walks on the beach, holding hands, relaxing and having a cute date sharing lovely moments with Frangelico, the finest of all.

    6. Thailand


    A place with a mix of big-city nightlife with plenty of cultures. And in what other ways you could surprise your lover if not with relaxing beach vibes, sipping Mai Tai cocktails until dawn and taking a river cruise. This place is made for Valentine’s adventures.

    If you and your partner are someone who likes to explore local cultures, for that you can cruise through tuk-tuk, experiencing street markets and the remarkable view of skyscrapers. This dream destination will fascinate you with its local flavours at the street markets and fantastic restaurants.

    5. Italy

    Terracina, Italy. Remains Of Temple Of Jupiter Anxur

    We know you aren’t surprised to see this beautiful European country making it to the list. And it had to be there on yours too. Furthermore, may we suggest one of the most idyllic destinations of all time: Venice? It’s a no-brainer, you got to go there. Explore the amorous place with the reflections of the elegant buildings in the water of the canals. Don’t you forget the gondolas floating in the city, swinging between dream and reality? Moreover, keep in mind that you are very much in a place which offers an unexpectedly delightful urban experience of Frangelico, and if you don’t sip it, you are definitely missing something.

    4. Portugal

    Portimao, Portugal 

    Portugal hasn’t made it to your travel list yet, but why? There are lots and lots of exciting places to choose from! Porto, Lisbon, Santa Cruz. Don’t fret, you came to know about this destination in perfect time. February is here and so is Valentine’s Day, excellent timing to discover its amazing cities. If you are adventurous enough, you can check them all in one go with an all-round Portugal tour covering multiple cities. And while you both are travelling from cities to cities, at some point you two are going to get a little bit worn out which is not good for your Valentine’s tour.

    3. Zanzibar

    Pungume island in Zanzibar

    A trip to Zanzibar has quite a lot to offer for couples on Valentine’s Day. This beach paradise awaits for you to enjoy the waves come to life in the immense Indian Ocean. And what’s better than a pleasant beach retreat with a hazelnut liqueur bottle of Frangelico. Reconnect, relax and bathe in the turquoise waters or if you’re feeling adventurous sign up for a day of snorkelling. Live up to your lovey-dovey dreams.

    2. Morocco

    Adventurer couple near Ouzoud waterfall in Morocco

    Morocco is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s uniqueness and mysterious aura makes it one of the most sublime adventures for Valentine’s Day. A complete sensory overload, and perfect if duos like to push each other out of their comfort zones. You can do plenty of exciting and romantic stuff like taking a guided local tour to the Marrakesh, seeing the Royal Palace, savouring the delicious local cuisines and staying in a traditional riad, anything you two love to do to spend time with each other.

    1. Paris

    Eiffel tower, Paris. France

    Welcome to the CITY OF LOVE, Welcome to Paris. Paris is definitely one of the hottest Valentine’s Day destinations in the world and if you are not here, then where else would you be! The city is 5/5 on the romantic rating scale. Ahhhhh, love! You can create so many memories with your significant other while strolling down the Champs Elysées Avenue, having a dreamy dinner cruise down the Seine, enjoying brunch at a local brasserie, or climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

    To wrap up, we would like to say that love is in the air and the perfect timing to express your love is just right around the corner. Choose your perfect romantic getaways from the world filled with stunning destinations. So… where will you go for a lovers retreat?

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