Must-have clothing, shoes and accessories for every career woman

    Career women need to have a set of outfits ready for their usual routine. While some women stick to a uniform and ordinary look, others want to experiment and tap into their creative side. If this sounds like you, then you better start upgrading your wardrobe. Even with a limited working budget, you can create several memorable looks. Invest in essential pieces such as those listed below.

    A good quality blazer that can last for years


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    A blazer is most probably the most commonly bought business attire. You can pair these with almost anything. To ensure that your blazer lasts long, you need to invest in ones made from high-quality materials. You should also check how it fits on you. A finely sewn blazer allows you to create a slim silhouette of your body. It should also allow you to move your arms and upper body freely. You can wear these over your usual dress shirt, blouse, or even a dress. You can also pair them with skirts, slacks or denim jeans. Blazers also work quite well with all kinds of accessories.

    Modest dresses you can use on various occasions

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    Modest fashion has grown popular over the years. Thanks to the comfort and mega confidence boost that modest dresses provide, more and more women want to wear these types of clothes to work. Most modest attires are made from highly breathable material. They are also sewn and designed meticulously to ensure a good fit without highlighting your entire figure. You definitely consider shopping for modest dresses that can help your wardrobe.

    Comfortable and long-wearing work pants

    Buy long-wearing pants that meet the dress code in your office. Check if you need to use a specific color. Also, double-check the material. How does it feel on you? Will the fabric allow for swift movements especially when you are running an errand? Will it make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable when you have to attend to certain tasks outside the office? More importantly, see to it that the material is made durable so you can use them for as long as you want.

    Chic accessories to complete the look

    Work outfits can never be complete without accessories. When you shop for accessories or style your look, you should focus on finding pieces that look chic and professional. For example, focus on using simple pieces such as stud earrings or single layer necklace. Avoid tacky accessories such as dream catcher earrings or large rings. Also, match the color and design of the accessory to your outfit.

    Low work heels you can wear the entire day

    It would be a shame to walk in a pair of uncomfortable heels. If walking in your heels feels painful, ditch them. Opt for a better pair. Skip using branded shoes that look fancy if they don’t provide you with the utmost comfort while you are at work. The last thing you want to deal with are blister-filled feet after working for long hours.

    A spacious bag that can contain your personal valuables

    The last item you need to have as a career woman is a spacious handbag. It should be large enough to contain items such as a tube of lipstick, basic cosmetic products, hand sanitizer, your work journal, and a pencil case. Make sure the bag is made from durable fabric to ensure that it doesn’t wear out or tear quickly. You should also check the bag’s strap. It should be sturdy but comfy so you can bring your bag with great ease.

    If your handbag is too small and you can’t buy a new one yet, you may opt to use a canvass tote bag. There are plenty of tote bags you can buy from fashion boutiques as well as online shops.

    Even as a busy career woman, you can still stick to your personal style and create a unique and attractive look. Dedicate a few hours to check your wardrobe and determine what you can do to upgrade it. Which of the fashion staples for career women do you already own? Which ones do you still need to buy? Start working on your style today!

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