Amazing wedding ideas for your ceremony and reception

    It’s the time for yet another wedding, but this time it’s you tying the knot! So everything has to be perfect and unique. You need best of the wedding ideas to make the day special.

    What makes a wedding and reception truly unique and amazing? The answer is personalization and customization. You need to think outside the box to organize a wedding ceremony and party that is all-inclusive, warm and anything-but-boring.

    Here are 10 wedding ideas that will transform your wedding and reception to an inspiration for wedding planners forever –

    Customized seating charts

    Forget the boring seating charts and think of this as an opportunity to show off your creativity. Figuring out the seating arrangement is no easy feat, so show your effort off with panache. Invest 5 extra minutes in getting your seating charts printed complete with customized typography, and color schemes that reflect your wedding theme. Instead of placeholder cards, think about printing a single wedding welcome sign at the entrance of the dining hall.

    Upgrade your escort cards

    Escort cards made of paper typically find their way to the waste paper bin by the end of the reception. If you want to minimize the waste of paper and ink on your wedding, you might consider engraved keychains, coasters, or even martini glasses for your guests instead of traditional paper cards.

    Customized welcome bags

    Wedding bags can make your guests feel like VIPs. Make sure to print your names on the bags and include your wedding theme color. Use reusable totes or recycled brown paper bags to make your guests welcome to your party! Stuff the bags with handmade soaps and body care products, or fill them with edible goodies that will keep the guests’ energy levels high for the party.

    Early arrival cocktails

    Cocktail partyNo one expects a drink or finger food before the ceremony. So surprise your guests and whet their appetite with light and fun cocktails like mimosas, fruity iced teas, mint juleps. Do not forget to keep some non-alcoholic crowd favorites too.

    Offer on-spot childcare

    There is nothing more tiresome than children crying, running around and tearing decorations down during the reception. So, hire more than one baby sitter, set up a children’s corner and go the extra mile to take the children off the hands of their parents for the day. Let the parents unwind, while the children remain safe and entertained at their own table.

    Extra signs

    It is your wedding and you should NOT let your guests forget that for even one second. Deck the halls with quirky, sweet and personalized signage with messages from the bride and groom. Think along the lines of bespoke cocktail napkins and bathroom-door signs.

    Upgraded and thoughtful favors

    When your guests are traveling for miles to attend your wedding, it is your responsibility to ensure their comfort. Think about keeping them warm with comforters or shawls that match your wedding décor. Or, offer them small personalized bottles of hand sanitizers, soaps, and moisturizers, so they don’t have to rely on their hotel samples. Thinking of an outdoor wedding on the beach? Offer your guests spray-on sunscreen, sunhats, and inexpensive shades to take home.

    Customize your guest book

    Instead of putting out a journal or diary, think about custom printing a jigsaw puzzle with your pictures or names on it. Let the guests sign each piece. You can later assemble the pieces and frame the picture in your new home. Or, you can think about putting out a giant metal or wooden tray, and urge your guests to etch their names on them using engraving pens.

    Set up a video booth

    Photo booths are old. Invest in a video booth where guests can leave your personal messages. You can ask the wedding videographer to edit some clips and include them in the background during your wedding speech. Make sure the rest of them go into your wedding video and website. Request your guests to check them out on your wedding website in your to-go valet cards.

    Set up to-go valets

    Be an extra-considerate guest by sending your guest’s home with customized to-go valet goodie bags. Put mid-night snacks, small bottles of wine or schnapps, a few aspirins and even a small mouthwash that can take care of them once they are back home or to their hotels. A customized hangover kit speaks more than “thank you” notes after a seriously fun wedding reception and party.

    Bonus pro tip: Arrange for an after-party

    Portrait Of Couple Celebrating Wedding With Backyard Party

    The party should not end as the reception ends! Spend a few extra bucks in creative and funky lighting, some cool music, and post-party shooters for those guests who take partying very seriously. Impress your party-goer friends and family members with an on-spot after-party that no one can ever forget.

    To make the wedding ceremony and reception memorable, start the party long before it actually begins. Take your wedding website to live complete with a glimpse of all the goodies that are waiting for the guests. Put a word out about any choreographed dance, and flash mob among close friends and family, who would want to participate.

    Intimate your guests about after-hour events, so they can prepare for these special occasions. Introduce your on-premise baby sitters, so the parents feel comfortable leaving their children with them during the wedding.

    A grand wedding party is all about coordination and planning. Make sure you have the best planners on board, and the right customized printing agencies before you begin dreaming about the perfect wedding.

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