Stay on top of utility bills, go online

    Online bill payment gives you the luxury of time and convenience. We list reasons to try it out.

    Bill payment is a chore none of us can get away from. Whether it is your phone bill or a DTH recharge, a power bill payment or a piped gas one, you must make these payments every single month to keep all utilities in working order.

    You can do yourself a favour and simplify the cumbersome utility bill payment process – pay your bills online. You don’t need to wait for the bill to arrive at your doorstep, or to go to the utility service centre to pay by cash or cheque. Simply use a good mobile wallet or payments app and pay all your utility bills from a single interface, across all utility providers.

    Here’s why online bill payment is a good option for you:

    1. Pay conveniently and quickly whenever you want

    The biggest advantage of online utility bill payment is that you can pay your bills at the flick of a phone screen, at any time and from any location in the world. The bill payment is not dependent on your bank’s working hours, especially if you pay using a good mobile wallet or a UPI app. The best online payment systems use the IMPS money transfer system, so the payment is transferred in real time immediately.

    2. Never look at paper bill copies again

    Another benefit of online utility bill payment is the lack of clutter. You might receive paper bill copies from your utilities provider – you can instruct them to email you the bill copies and never send a paper copy to your residence or office. This is a greener alternative to bill payment. Besides this, you are saved the hassle of maintaining ledgers or folders of bills. Online bill payment clears up space and is completely hassle-free.

    3. Consolidate your bills in one place

    Bill management is much easier when you make your utility bill payments online. The mobile wallet or payment app stores your bills in one place, and maintains a record of all the bills you have ever paid on using that wallet or app. With all your utility bills in one spot, it is easier to track payment hikes and tariffs, usage trends, bill payment dates, take printouts of the bills you need, refer to back-dated bills, etc. The bills are stored on an online cloud for better consolidation and easy access.

    4. Be safe and secure while transacting

    Provided you are using a trusted e-wallet or payment app, your online transactions are conducted on a fully secure interface. These platforms use the latest forms of encryption and use mPIN verification to keep you protected from phishing, hacking and theft attempts. Some payment platforms also function on an OTP model, to ensure greater security while processing the transaction.

    Be sure to have enough balance in your e-wallet or bank account before you attempt the bill payment.

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