Tips on finding the perfect gift for your man

    Why is it that boyfriends and husbands are so difficult to buy for? Maybe it’s the fact that shopping for them isn’t as fun as shopping for the ladies in our lives (men’s clothes and accessories can be pretty boring) or the fact that guys tend to be vague about what they want. Either way, whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, finding the perfect gift for your man is always a bit of a challenge. We’re here to help you with the process, though, so don’t panic!

    What Makes the Perfect Gift?

    The perfect gift for any recipient is one that’s well thought out. It doesn’t have to be particularly expensive, flashy, or rare, as long as it’s thoughtfully selected specifically for him. It all comes down to zeroing in on what’s special about him, whether it’s his job, a band he adores, or a lifelong hobby that takes up much of his free time. Spending some time thinking about what makes him who he is will steer you toward the present of a lifetime. Here are some specific ways you can do that:

    1. Do Some Recon into His Social Media

    Check which accounts he likes or follows on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for some general ideas about his style and interests. Perhaps there’s something there that you haven’t thought of yet like a sports team, a band, or a comic that he follows that could inspire an awesome present he’ll cherish. You already know what he’s into, but a social media stroll (or a deep-dive, depending on how serious you want to get with it) will remind you of things that don’t immediately come to mind.

    2. Think About What’s Meaningful to Him

    You can’t go wrong with a sentimental gift. If he’s religious, he would certainly appreciate a gold cross pendant encrusted in diamonds or a personalized Bible (or whatever religious text he cherishes). You could consider getting him something to honor a lost loved one, too, such as a framed photo. Try to tap into the things that are meaningful to him and then use them to inspire you.

    3. Get Inspiration from His Playlists

    Concert tickets are the best gifts for music-lovers, and you can find out a whole lot about what a person is into at the moment through their profile on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and even YouTube. If you’re lucky, one of his favorite bands or musicians may be rolling through town soon, which means you can snag him a couple of tickets to see them live. The great thing about giving tickets as gifts is that it doubles as a great present and a fun date night for later!

    4. Ask His Guy Friends

    Still stumped? Look to his buddies to see if they have any thoughts that might help. For example, if he plays in a band or casually jams with his friends, they might have some ideas on music gear to buy for him. If he has a group of friends he golfs or shoots hoops with on the weekends, query them for some ideas on sports-related stuff that might improve his game. If the relationship is still fairly new (but you’ve met his family), it may be helpful to ask his parents or siblings for advice.

    5. Make It Something Practical

    Corporate Gifts

    While it can be boring, giving a practical gift is smart if you know he’ll use it. A monthly car wash subscription, a brand-new bike pump, a waterproof phone case to keep is phone safe while fishing or boating—these gifts aren’t particularly dazzling, at first glance, but they can certainly elicit a smile, especially if your guy is big on utility. And anything you can do to make your recipient’s life easier is a massive win, no matter who it is.

    6. Look Beyond the Basic

    Got a guy who would prefer a little pizazz over practicality? That’s perfectly acceptable, too! Think about ways to enhance, customize, or tailor a basic gift so it’s made exclusively for him. One of the best ways to go here is by partnering with a jeweler or tailor that specializes in making custom pieces for men. Whether it’s a custom Rolex that makes the gift of a lifetime or an engraved ring featuring his favorite saying, you can be sure these gifts will be prized for years.

    7. Think About His Old Standbys

    Think about a few of your man’s favorite things: that perfectly worn-in work shirt he loves so much, the Italian leather wallet that’s on its last leg, the crisp white sneakers that are now a shade of yellow. There’s no shame in the upgrade, we say! Take his favorite everyday items and pull a refresh or replacement. If it’s something that can be restored, such as a vintage watch or a special piece of jewelry try to grab it while he’s not looking and take it to the experts to fix.

    8. Consider Things He’s a Fan Of

    No matter if he’s a diehard Deadhead, a super-fan of Star Wars, or lifelong lover of the Lakers, use his favorite fandoms as guidance, but try to do it an out-of-the-box way. In other words, skip the team shop and the official merch store. Taking a stroll through Etsy and other online marketplaces will help you get some unique ideas for how to spoil him with stuff honoring his favorite team, band, TV show, movie, or video game.

    9. Give Your Gift from the Heart

    At the end of the day, finding the perfect gift is about taking the time to think of something that honors his personality, his interests, and his unique story. When you spend the time to nail the perfect gift, you’ll feel great about yourself when he finally unwraps it! In short, as long as you ditch the generic and keep it entirely inspired by the guy you’re surprising, you’ll be in great shape anytime you need to give him a present.

    Ron King
    Ron King
    Ron King is a Marketing Relations Specialist for Frost NYC, One of the largest hip-hop jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. With over 14 years of experience, he has helped the industry’s hottest artists, celebrities & stylists find their ideal pieces. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and checking out any local music.

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