9 Best Packing Tips From Your Fellow Travelers

    Traveling is both fun and therapeutic. While some prefer to go on travels on an impulse while others prefer to tap the most amazing destinations with a complete plan in place. Plan or unplanned, both need to make sure that they pack for the trip well. In this article, we would discuss the top packing tips from one fellow traveler to another. Read on for more. 

    Best Packing Tips From Your Fellow Travelers

    Get Enough Packing Cubes

    Don’t underestimate the prowess of packing cubes. When you are busy vacationing and want to spend much less time sorting your clothes and accessories in that well-like backpack of yours, travel cubes come to the rescue. Get 4-5 packing cubes and set them in your bag or travel trolley with your undies, tops, t shirts, bottoms, tops, and accessories sorted in each so that when you have to get ready, you are not wasting your time sorting out the sets. Buy the ones with sturdy zippers and in polyester material so they do not get damp and are easy to maintain as well. 

    Keep a First-Aid Kit & Some Medicines Handy

    India is acclaimed for being one of the most diverse places on the globe, a country full of different cultures, lifestyles, vibrancy, and of course, different cuisines. Even if you try one at a time, there are chances that you will be full before you know it. Hence, it is a good idea to keep some medication that supports healthy digestion, and also keeps the tummy health in check. Additionally, you can carry antacids. Also carry some mosquito repellents.

    Carry Season-Appropriate Clothing

    India is one of the very few places in the world that experiences four different seasons in their full glory from experiencing hot summers, lush monsoons, beautiful autumn, and blossoming spring, to chilly yet cozy winters. Depending upon your time and destination of travel, you can pack your bags. For instance, if you are traveling towards the south, breezy cotton is more appropriate while if you are traveling towards the north, you can pack in layers since the winters are cold while spring and autumn are mildly chilly in the evenings and comparatively warm during the day. 

    Pack a Yoga Mat & Some Athleisure

    India is the land of Yoga and Ayurveda. What’s a trip to India if you have not explored these sciences at the source of it? Whether you are planning to go for a Yoga TTC in India or coming for a yoga retreat, it is a smart idea to carry your yoga mat that is attuned to your taste so you can practice yoga with ease. If your bags are getting too heavy already then pack some athleisure wear since you can wear it just about anywhere, on the road or when you are on a yoga mat.  

    Carry Some Snacks and Power Bars

    India is blessed with nature’s bounty and some of the world’s most popular delicacies are made here. However, there are several offbeat places in India and towns that serve only vegan or vegetarian foods. If you are used to getting your iron and proteins from meats, then these places can become challenging in terms of meeting your daily dietary requirements. Hence, carrying power bars and packaged snacks that your body is used to, is a fabulous idea. That way, when you are hungry and in the middle of nowhere, you would not have to rely on street-side fast foods that your body is not accustomed to. You can simply burst open the power bar till you reach your set destination. 

    Carry Power Banks and a Tripod 

    If you are travelling to explore the true beauty of India, then you would be spending most of your time away from the major cities of India. While India is a digitally-advanced nation and is well-placed in terms of electricity across its various corners, there are places or hiking spots where you won’t be able to find a charging point. Hence, carry a couple of power banks to keep charging your phone on the go and to stay connected with your loved ones. Several tourists come to India to explore its undivided natural beauty, the grandiose of the Himalayas, the beauty of its scenic beaches, the rich traditions, and so much more. Capture your favorite moments with you in it with the help of a tripod.

    Pack Light and Travel Light

    When you come to India, it is easy to get consumed by the multiple experiences that the 7th largest country in the world has in store for its guests. Hence, hopping from one place to another, whether state or region, can present itself as an opportunity that you might not be able to resist. There are places that can only be reached via cab or a train while some need to be explored on two-wheelers. Hence, it is safer and more convenient to travel light. You can pack multiple upper wear, preferably in jersey cotton or linen, and carry 1-2 bottoms. That way you can have a change of clothes and style without actually hankering for more outfits. 

    Pack Appropriate Footwear 

    India has a diverse terrain owing to its geography. Hence, picking the right footwear to suit the diverse landscapes and specific purposes is essential. You can pack a pair of walking shoes for exploring the streets with comfort, a pair of flip flops for the beach, hiking shoes for the rugged terrains if you are travelling up north. The flip flops will serve as bathroom slippers as well if you get those in PVC or a material made from rubber. 

    Pack Sun Protectors

    This goes irrespective of the seasons in India, whether it is monsoon or summer, or winter, carrying a sun-block with the appropriate SPF to suit your skin is important. Owing to India’s position near the Equator, the sun shines with its full might here. Hence, make sure your skin is sun protected at all times if you want to avoid getting a bad tan or a poor sunburn. If you have a tendency to sweat, then beat the Indian heat of the summer season with a sweatproof sun care kit.

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