A detailed guide to India’s most beautiful trek

    If you are a beginner and wondering where to go on your first trip, Triund is the best choice for you. Triund is a summer resort in the Kangra district. Located in the Queen of Himachal Pradesh, Triund Trek is an ideal location for beginner hikers with moderate experience. 

    Located between the vast and steep Dauradar Mountains and the Kangra Valley, the Triund Trek offers one of the most beautiful views. It’s rocky and hard, but the road to the Triund isn’t too steep, and its curves pass through luscious oak and Shakunage forests. The hills offer nomads a world of excitement throughout the day, not to mention their splendor at sunrise, sunset, and moonlight. The trek is also a favorite weekend destination for many in Chandigarh and Delhi. 

    Starting point  

    The base camp of the hike is Dharamsala. The nearest train and airport stations are Pathankot (Punjab) and Gaggal (Himachal Pradesh), 85 km and 8 km respectively. 

    Directions to Triund Base Camp 

    When visitors arrive at Mcleodganj (10 km from Dharamshala), their next stop is the Dharmkot Trek Landmark. It is 1 km from the Mcleodganj Bus Station and can be reached on foot or by rental car from the Bus Station. 

     The best time to visit 

     Triund Excursion can be done at any time of the year. During the monsoon, the trails are a bit dubious and slippery owing to wet mud. Winter snowfall also makes the trail unsuitable for hiking. The best time to discover a Triund is from March to June, then from October to early December. Due to heavy snow, there have been instances where December and January have remained closed for several weeks. 


    Triund trekking is considered the best trekking for beginners due to its short duration and convenience. Trekking lasts more than 10 km and the first km is easy to reach, but the last 2 km is a bit difficult due to the narrow and sharp turns. There are 22 hairpin turns on the road where the trail is also known as the “22 hairpin turns”. Don’t forget to witness the sunset and watch the sunrise from Triund Trek. It will truly make you feel liberated as though you’ve arrived at the destination you were always meant to go to.  

    Day 1  

     It is best to leave Mcleodganj Base Camp around 10 am post breakfast. The road climbs through Bharamkot and Nadi and takes about and takes a couple of hours to reach. The road to the villages passe through the old forest of oak and rhododendrons. Along the way, there is a small snack bar where you can recharge your batteries. 

    Triund has many jungle campsites and rest areas (reservations are not required) where you can stay overnight. Setting up camps, looking at the beautiful stars, bonfires, and other similar activities are the actual essence of an overnight stay in Triund. Campsite reservations generally include accommodation and 3 times of food, but it’s good to ask just in case. 

     Day 2 

     After breakfast, hikers head to Kabrots, where they can enjoy a breathtaking view of Glacier Lake and the Dauladar massif. To reach the village of Bagus, you will have to take another descent along the way. On the way, you can see a beautiful waterfall. A beautiful  Devi temple is -an interesting point to visit on a descent. There is a small shop a little distance down where you can stop to enjoy the view have a rejuvenation lunch. 

     Many people say that Triund can be conquered in one day. Yes, it is possible, but it all goes hand in hand with your energy levels, your enthusiasm, and, of course, your fitness level to tackle the climbs and descents in one day. 

    Here are certain tips before you begin your traveling journey 

    Pack lighter. Please leave all random luggage at the hotel. If the weight on your back is light, traveling will be easier. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when the time comes. 

    For cold excursions, jackets, boots, and gloves are sufficient. Be sure to bring a raincoat and waterproof boots for the rain if you decide to go in the monsoons. Many travel agencies organize excursions to Triund. The best choice is to reserve a ride with one of these organizations. Their advice, knowledge, and practical skills will help beginners. As mentioned above, the tour company takes care of all hikers’ needs, as well as accommodation and all meals. 

     In addition to the above, there are also accommodation options near the Temple where a stopover can be arranged. 

    What to pack for a Triund trip?

    These are categorized into general requirements and requirements for storage in a backpack. 


    •  Durable hiking boots that can help you climb and descend with ease
    •  Gloves (optional, depending on weather and climate) 
    •  Jacket and windbreaker to help you keep warm when you need to
    •  Backpack (appropriate weight and size, easy to carry)
    •  Sunglasses are really important to save your eyes from sun damage
    •  Hats to ensure you don’t get too dehydrated and suffer a sunburn 
    •  T-shirts and thermals wear have to be packed when going in the winters 
    •  Socks are the best protection for your feet after shoes, get extras pairs!
    •  Walking Pole (Optional) It could come in handy even if you don’t think you need it. 
    •  Backpack Contents: 
    •  Photo ID (getting a copy won’t hurt) 
    •  Bottled Beverage because hydration is a must
    •  Snacks because you’ll get hungry, duh!
    •  Basic Toiletries (nobody but you can provide that, not even your organizers)
    •  Towels for Hand Washing, Face Washing, Disinfectants, Etc. 
    •  Insect repellents because where there are trees, there are bugs and nobody can help that. 
    •  Sunscreens and moisturizers because again, we are depleting the ozone by the minute so better protect ourselves when we can.
    •  It is recommended to bring your medicine box of pills for fatigue, headache, and other things that you might need at any given time on the trek. It is advisable to bring a pain-relieving gel or spray with you in case of an emergency. 

     Have a wonderful trip!

    Krishna Rathore
    Krishna Rathore
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