The five must-haves for every bride’s big day

    While planning your wedding one must know what to have. To make her day tension free and easy going.

    Wedding planner

    Wedding Planning

    A wedding planner is your fairy godmother, that is by far the most important “must have” that one should have. He/she has everything planned to the very last detail he detailed documentation is what keeps everything going as smoothly as possible. If you think it’s so easy and you can just get a friend to go to or even do it yourself, think again because it’ll make you go crazy. To handle all the pressure of the most important day of your life is not easy and you should thank God that there are professional to do it.

    Comfortable shoes

    Wedding Shoes

    You should know that you are going to get tired, so tired that you will want to throw your shoes off. No matter how easy going the wedding is planned you are going to be extremely tired and if your shoes aren’t comfortable, that could prove to be the worst thing. You might not be able to dance appropriately.

    By the time you have to dance and walk around your feet will be hurting so much you’ll start to waddle. So I get it style is the primary focus, but make sure that your shoes are comfortable to walk in


    Wedding makeup

    The main event and then the reception, you are bound to have a long day, and it isn’t possible that your hair and makeup stay on point for the whole day. You should always have someone who can retouch our makeup and hair just before the reception and the pictures.

    The photos are going to last forever and trust me, you need to be on point for it. If you don’t have someone else to do it for you, you should binge watch all the YouTube videos regarding our look and have a few tricks up your sleeve. You never know when they might one in handy and its better safe than sorry, especially on your wedding day.

    Late night snack

    Late night snack

    While everyone enjoys the food, you’re bound to stay hungry. You’re going to be anxious and so happy, with all the butterflies in your stomach you’re not going to be able to eat a lot, and you’re going to be hungry later when everyone goes so you should make sure you have a little snack that you can have later on. Even if you’re not anxious, on their wedding days brides are so concerned about the perfection of their makeup that they don’t eat anything.

    At that moment it might seem like the most plausible solution, but it’s bound to bite your rear end when everyone is on their way home and your stomach starts making those hungry growling noise in front of your newly wedded husband. Wouldn’t want to face that embarrassing situation now would we?


    Drinking mug and straws

    Who isn’t sick and tired of the lip stains on their glasses it looks so not classy. Being a bride and leaving a lip stain on your big day is not even an option.

    Always have straws in your bag if you don’t want to ruin your lipstick. Yes, you can touch up after drinking, but why go through the fuss just take out a straw before drinking, and you can have perfect lips all day long and look ready for a photo any time of the day. After drinking anything you can just discard the straw and remove any traces of your lipstick on the glass.

    A second wedding ring

    Wedding Rings

    No matter how much you say that you are a responsible person and you won’t lose it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Just yesterday I watched a vlog in which the girl was sharing how she lost her wedding ring while she was shopping for her dress and other thing even though it was in her bag it got misplaced. Either it was stolen or it fell out or whatever, It only proves my point that a second ring is an absolute essential. We all know that it is a small thing it could get lost very easily.

    In that case, we should have a replacement for the time being at least you wouldn’t want to be on your knees looking for a ring and freaking out. If this does happen a second ring in the bag won’t harm you and will save you a lot of embarrassment if things do go south.

    Ilse Franckaert
    Ilse Franckaert
    Ilse Frank is the mother of two little boys and is an amazing wedding planner. She is obsessed with wedding traditions and all the customs.

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