How to throw an unforgettable bachelor party

    Okay, so the big day is finally coming close, and you know that there is a party planned just for you round the corner, but the anticipation is inevitable. How will everything turn out? Will all the guests show up? Where will we go? What about drinks? Food?! Without further ado, here are some essential and quite fun ideas on how to throw a remarkable and enduring bachelor party.

    Calling the fellas

    First thing first, since the best man throws a bachelor party he should have an insight on who to invite to the party and who not. Maybe this should be done in accordance with the groom – but do not allow him to do the thinking, he will be the one who will only enjoy. Invite his closest friends and some of the office buddies that he likes, but bare in mind that it should be more intimate atmosphere rather than inviting hundreds of people (probably your friend doesn’t even know that many people). Make sure that you don’t invite some fella with whom the groom is not in good turns, and also if you know that some guy is a party-pooper, don’t call him at all, your goal is to have a blast!

    Select your destination

    Pool club party

    So, you haven’t told the groom where the party is, but you actually want him to burn with impatience (to create that surprise effect), then pick a place where he loves going, for a start! He would definitely like to reminiscence about the old memories, when he was single and free, and enjoyed chasing the ladies in his favorite bar. Later, go to a local pub where they serve burgers, burritos or any other fast food, indulge yourselves before going further. Since you want to create a surprise effect, choose the next location carefully! You can blindfold him and drive off to an unknown location, which screams Vegas for example. Whether you go to a casino, play pool or darts, a memorable night is guaranteed, as long as you don’t drink excessively of course.

    Make it a momentous adventure

    Party ride

    Whatever you do – don’t drink and drive! If you have money to spare, you can hire a car service or a limousine, along with music, there will surely be drinks involved, so no worries there! Booze and music are the key factors in any party, make sure that you take the groom to one of his favorite clubs (this is the last night out when he can truly party hard), and provide drinks that he and other groomsmen like. And since your goal is to have fun and make it unforgettable consider hiring a photobooth where you can all take hilarious but memorable photos to put on your fridge. But try not to go too wild and come up with insane ideas, like tattooing each others’ names or crazy symbols with no meaning whatsoever. This should be your last boys night out, so don’t make regrettable decisions.

    Keeping an eye on the budget

    Staying on a budget is a must, you don’t want to be kicked out of the pub if you don’t have enough money to pay the bill. Consider splitting the cost between the groomsman and organize everything neatly. If you are left with some extra money, you can even go to a strip club (cheesy right?!). Another idea is to buy a present for the groom, it can be something that he likes and can keep it as memory (engraved watch or a flask), or you can collect the extra cash an take him to an ever-longing bungee jump.

    End in style

    Beer party

    When all the essential things have been checked, and you are still not tired and don’t want to go home, then you should head out to a beach, hillside or to one of your favorite spots. The idea is to make the night unforgettable and don’t try to tease and humiliate the groom if he is tipsy, but try to recollect some of your funny anecdotes or deeds. Finally, make sure that if he is feeling hangover, send him safely home, as a good friend would do.

    Bachelor party is the groom’s night to remember, so make sure that he feels upbeat and avoid any discomfort and turbulence. And of course, try to follow these steps and be assured that your party would be unforgettable and historic.

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    Jessie Hogarth
    Jessie Hogarth
    Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her close ones.

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