Essential bridal shower & hen party games

The wedding is as we all know is a ceremony uniting two individuals. And this ritual is certainly a grand affair irrespective of religions, cultures and countries. Wedding customs and traditions greatly differ in diverse cultures, ethnic groups etc. But the similarity lies in the stress and anxiety caused to the bride and groom for the anticipated life-changing experience and then the traditions and games played to relieve their stress. Bachelor’s party and hen’s party are great sources of respite from the anxiety pangs. But the bridal shower remains the definitive icebreaker for the family members, wedding guests and of course the wedding couple.

Simple gathering consisting of food, music is not enough for the occasion of the bridal shower. The wedding invitees belong to different age group and interests and to keep them engaged and entertained, requires the inventive funny games which can totally liven up the jamboree.

Here is an Infographic from The Daffodil Hotel & Spa which is a fusion of different game ideas to blend the old and young minds alike and enjoy the celebration of the wedding couple. These games can equally pep the Hen Party as well.

Selecting a perfect wedding gift is hassling too. One gift unquestionably does not fit all. If we closely know the couple, we can select the suitable gift knowing their likes & requirements. This can be totally contrary too, that we know the bride or groom, but cannot make up the mind of what to gift.

This Infographic briefly outlines the fantastic handy gifting ideas also to help you choose the finest one to delight the couple.

Get ready and plan the Bridal Shower with the mix of amusing games and themes and be set for making the Wedding moments memorable.

Essential Bridal Shower & Hen Party Games