How to plan a Pre-wedding skincare regimen?

    Sun on your face and sand in your feet—the beautiful beach?

    Green and rusty backgrounds—flaunting your love for forests?

    Abode a cruise liner—a scintillating affair with the sea?

    Capturing iconic moments—Bollywood style?

    Your wedding preparations are about to commence, but your pre-wedding shoot is what you’ve been waiting for with bated breath. You’ve had a couple of destinations in mind and your excitement knows no bounds. Although you’ve been dreaming of a pre-wedding shoot for long, what if your skin starts acting out on that fateful day? What if the stress of this day gets to your skin before it gets to you?

    Hence, you need a pre-wedding skincare routine that helps you manage stress and get a healthy, glowing skin. Here’s everything you need to know about having the perfect skincare regimen with the best pre wedding skin care tips.

    Why pre-wedding skincare is considered essential?

    Pre-wedding shoots and wedding photoshoots don’t happen every day. It’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity focussing on you, and you need to make the most of it. Apart from the camera, you’ll also be the prime focus of the people attending your big day. Pre-wedding pictures and wedding photos are going to be with you forever, so you need to ensure that you look fantastic in every one of them. But planning your wedding and working on your busy schedule has left your skin prone to skin issues.

    In a stress-induced environment like this, your skin care takes a backseat. This makes your skin prone to a host of skin problems like wrinkles, acne breakouts, dull skin, and more. You don’t want to look at your wedding pictures a year from now and feel like you looked hideous. Photoshop can only help you to an extent, which is why, you need to have a solid pre-wedding skin care plan in place.

    What are the things that you can start doing for your skin?

    woman enjoying-pre-wedding skincare in spa

    6 months prior to the wedding

    1. Start experimenting early

    If you want to try things, you definitely won’t do it a week before your big day. From trying out makeup, nail polish, foundation, facials, procedures—you need to try it and see what works for you, way ahead of your wedding.

    2. Curb signs of skin damage

    Dark spots on the face or not taking good under eye care will be visible in your wedding photos. You can opt for topical products like creams and masks that work wonderfully on the skin.

    3. Work towards getting a smooth skin

    If you have an uneven skin texture, you need to get on an exfoliating skin regime now. Because no foundation, concealer can cover a skin that’s uneven. You can opt for certain creams or masks with glycolic acid, which can give your skin a smooth texture.

    One month prior to your wedding

    1. Ensure you continue with your routine

    Since you’re only a month away from your big day, it’s advisable not to begin any new regime. There might not be a sudden improvement, which is why you need to continue with your skin care routine in the long run.

    2. Don’t opt for extreme skin care procedures

    Avoid any poking, squeezing, or prodding of your skin a month before your wedding. Instead of opting for laser procedures or anything else, choose an exfoliating process that refines your pores and texture.

    A week prior to your wedding

    1. Be gentle with your exfoliation

    Harsh scrubs can leave your skin high and dry. Follow a moisturization process that includes gentle and effective exfoliants that are easy on your skin.

    2. Ward off acne breakouts

    Waking up with a zit on your wedding day can be one of the biggest nightmares you could have imagined. If you’re someone who’s prone to acne breakouts, then you need to follow a detailed skincare regime from the very beginning.

    3. Work towards maintaining the glow

    Follow a healthy diet, practice yoga, and deep breathing, and you’ll witness the positive change on your skin. It’s also important to focus on skin hydrationand keep drinking lots of fluids.Control your stress levels and keep your skin moisturised because stress can lead to a couple of skin issues.If you’re opting for a massage therapy, ensure that you’re not allergic to any type of products or ingredients.

    How to get the glowing pre-wedding skin that you’ve always wished for?

    Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy tale. So, you don’t want to ruin this fairy tale of yours by mismanaging your skin care routine. Keeping that thought in mind, here are some pre-wedding skin care tips that will help you keep your skin in top-notch shape before your big day.

    If you’re looking for glowing, healthy skin while walking down the aisle, say ‘I do’ to all these pre-bridal tips.

    wedding. Young beautiful girl applying make-up by make-up artist

    1. Evaluate your skin early on

    Your wedding date is set and there’s no going back. So what you need is to have a pre-wedding skincare routine in place. Start your skincare regimen six months prior and ensure that you keep your skin in top form.

    2. Manage the oil on your face

    If you wish to maintain the glow and shine on your face, you need to keep the natural oils on your skin intact.Excess washing of the face can increase the oil production in your skin. Use a mild face wash, protein hair mask, broad spectrum sunscreen rich with Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to get you a spot free skin and glowing skin.

    3. Cleanse, tone, and moisturise

    A great skin care regime includes keeping the skin hydrated at all times. If you have dry, flaky skin, then it shows on your face even when you wear makeup. In order to keep your skin nourished, cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin is vital. Adhere to the tried and tested method of cleanse, tone, and moisturise for six months till your wedding, and witness the vibrant difference.

    4. Take the natural route

    Stay away from toxins and chemicals that can be found in certain cosmetics and other bath products. Opt for products that are protein-enriched and high on vitamin C. Give your face a natural skincare ritual and you’ll eventually see the benefits on your skin.

    5. Skincare, but hair care is essential too

    You don’t want your pre-wedding and wedding day to go in managing your hair problems. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. This way starts with identifying the problem with your hair (dry scalp, hair loss, dandruff), and then you can accordingly pick the right solution to deal with this issue. Keep your silky hair nourished by oiling, shampooing, and conditioning it on a regular basis.

    6. Religiously follow a night time routine

    Following a night time skin care routine can improve your blood circulation. Use face masks and apply moisturisers to give your skin the right amount of relaxation. When you wake up in the morning, your face will look and feel rejuvenated.

    7. Give your body complete exfoliation

    Eliminate dirt from your skin and enhance blood circulation with a thorough exfoliation. The ideal face wash, skin cream, masks, and moisturiser makes your skin look healthy, supple, and happy.

    8. Apply skin-specific moisturiser

    Not all moisturisers are made equal, hence you need to figure out the right moisturiser for your skin. If your skin is acne prone, it’s always better to opt for a non-comedogenic product that’s best for that skin type. For dry skin, you need a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid. If you have oily skin, rather than just moisture, you need a moisturiser that can hydrate your skin.

    9. Deal with dark circles with a cream containing light diffusers

    For those of you who are unaware, dark circles can also be hereditary. So to be prepared to deal with it before your wedding, you need a cream that includes light diffusers. Dab lightly under the sensitive eye area. 

    Take each other for better or for worse—but not for granted. This is a pledge that not only you need to take with your better half but also a vow you need to renew with your skin. Never take your skin for granted and follow these tips religiously and the positive effect on your skin would be for the world to see. Get ready to have love, laughter, and happily ever after for your life and your skin. Prepare for your big day and adhere to these tips. We wish you a wedding day that’s as flawless as your skin.

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