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Tips to know while dating a much younger guy

The world is moving… Women are becoming more sexually liberated from year to year and it often happens that today ladies in their 30s,...
Patio furniture

Need to cover and features to look for while buying patio furniture covers

Most of the people leave their patio furniture uncovered on their deck and therefore keep it unprotected. If you want to protect your furniture...
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5 Benefits of knowing your family medical history

If you’ve been to the doctor’s office recently, you’ve probably filled out a medical history form asking if you or anyone in your family...

Proven ways to meet demand for tomorrow’s healthcare: Modern technology

Modern technology is considered a driving force for all sectors, and healthcare is not an exceptional one. Many innovations have been developed in recent...
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Onset of cognitive health decline

Aging impacts both the physical and mental well-being of adults in multiple ways. One of the noticeable signs is the onset of cognitive health...
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The silent symptoms of obesity and why you should address them

Obesity is an emerging health problem in India. Millions of people are affected by obesity and the crisis is anticipated to worsen in the...
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8 work wardrobe essentials every professional man must have

"Clothes Make the Man", this idiom exemplifies the fact that the appropriate clothes can make any man look exceptional. This is the reason why...