How to recharge your phone from an e-wallet

    The virtual payments universe in India has received a strong fillip with the arrival of mobile wallets. We explain how it helps complete prepaid phone recharges quickly.

    A growing number of people rely on e-wallets to handle their money daily.

    Also known as mobile wallets, e-wallets are virtual mobile-based wallets in which you can store or load cash to make a variety of payments. You can use them to make both online and offline payments. Lately, mobile wallets have gained a lot of prominence in India, owing to their ease of use and security. You can download the wallet, i.e. the app on your smartphone, and set it up as directed. Once set up, it is ready for use.

    • Mobile wallets help you transfer money to utility centres, do online recharge for phone and DTH, pay for shopping and tickets, etc. quickly and seamlessly. These wallets help in increasing the speed of your transactions.
    • You can use the e-wallet to pay instead of whipping out your debit card or using cash. Just tap on your smartphone or tablet and finish paying.
    • The best e-wallets in India that are offered by leading mobile service providers also double up as savings accounts for their users. All you need to do is keep the wallet replenished with money. The residual funds are treated as savings and paid a certain rate of interest, just like a bank account.
    • Some mobile wallets are an ‘open’ type, which means that they are linked with your bank account and hence, you don’t need to load money into them. Others are semi-open or closed types, in which money must be loaded from time to time in order to transact.

    How to do online recharge of your phone using the mobile wallet

    There’s nothing simpler than using your mobile wallet to pay your bills or recharge your DTH or phone connection.

    Simply follow these steps to do the online recharge for your phone using an e-wallet:

    • Log in to your service provider’s website or smartphone app
    • On the website, look for the provider’s e-wallet and click on it.
    • Select the option ‘Prepaid’. A menu appears, in which you must enter these details: Mobile number, Operator, Circle and Amount.
    • Once you fill in these details, hit ‘Proceed’.
    • The provider then offers you the chance to pick prepaid packs or pay the online recharge Select the most suitable option and hit ‘Submit’.
    • The recharge amount is debited from your e-wallet balance. Once processed (in a few hours), the recharge is deemed complete.
    • Meanwhile, you can continue using the phone as you always do.

    Other points to note about recharging your phone:

    The e-wallet balance must be checked periodically, if it is not linked with your bank account. You can replenish the balance any time it runs low, before you pay your bills or recharge your phone or DTH connection.

    It is not necessary to always recharge using the mobile wallet. You can also use other payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, UPI app, etc.

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