Decorations ideas for your dream wedding cake

    If there is a main attraction of the wedding event, apart from the couple, then it is definitely the wedding cake.

    What was once an elegant and sophisticated centerpiece of the wedding is now a canvas for the couples of the 21st century to show off their style and imagination in a scrumptious and delicious manner. Having a wedding cake is quintessential to the American wedding, and a wedding reception feels incomplete without it.

    With the rise of social media and inspiration boards such as Pinterest, plain white wedding cakes with simple pipe frosting have largely gone out of fashion in modern America. These days, pretty much every wedding presents the opportunity to innovate and put a new spin on an old classic. If you are thinking of decorating a wedding cake or having it made from specialist bakers, then here are some creative decoration ideas for you to look into. Most wedding packages nowadays allow for client customization to produce a dream wedding cake that stands out when placed as the center of the room at a unique wedding venue.

    1. Edible Flowers

    Flowers and natural adornments are one of the decorative styles associated with traditional and classic wedding cakes. Putting flowers atop a cake was a relatively simple way to convey elegance and beauty, and to bring in the gentle colors of nature. Because of their natural visual appeal, and vast accessibility, flowers have remained among the go-to options for wedding cake decoration.

    In the end, though, these flowers usually served a decorative purpose only, and ended up wasted on plates and tables. Part of modernity is in recapturing the old with a twist.  So to achieve this, why not go for edible flowers?

    Not only are edible flowers actually consumable and thus more than just a decorative item but you can actually tailor and pick the color, recipe, and taste of your cake to match perfectly with the flowers you pick. Therefore, not only will you have aesthetic beauty but also a decoration that enhances the actual taste and flavor of the cake.

    2. Chocolate

    Though chocolate is an eternal favorite at birthday parties, it is not something you often see take center stage on wedding cakes since couples usually opt for lighter and whiter color schemes.

    The art of chocolate making and has found its way into the hands of skilled artisans who use chocolate as a featured decoration. Expert chocolate chefs and artists can leave you bedazzled and enamored with their creations.

    From towering chocolate plaques to chocolate fondants to chocolate statues, chocolate has proved to be one of the most versatile ingredients for edible art and can be used to make all kinds of structures. If you go with this option though, it is something best left to the professionals and artisans instead of attempted at home.

    3. Macaroons

    Bright and cheerful, these pastel-colored treats are both eye-pleasing and sweetly enjoyable. Placed atop a wedding cake, they bring out interesting hues and color combinations. This turns a plain cake into an intricate-looking work of art and craftsmanship. This is due to their versatility and the sheer number of different flavored macaroons that are possible.

    Macaroon-making has become an art in itself and artisan macaroons with exotic flavors and ingredients can fetch quite high prices. Macaroons have risen in popularity as wedding cake decorations, and they provide an extra touch of enjoyment and decadence. They can be customized to match the wedding theme, and can also be sent home with guests in a favor basket, to remind them of the wedding.

    Since they are a delicate confection and a treat beyond every day, there really is no better confectionary sweet to decorate your cake.

    4. Sugar Geodes

    Another trend which is rapidly gaining prominence in cake decoration circles, including wedding cakes, is the use of crystal geodes. These rock formations are made from sugar as a base and replicate natural stone, rock, and geode characteristics in nature.

    The crystal geodes can be colored and flavored in a variety of ways. But more than that, they provide dazzling beauty on your wedding cake, like edible Swarovski crystals.  You can look up creations on YouTube and see how they shine and sparkle on cakes, almost like diamonds or jewels. Aesthetically, they are appealing and give a novel touch to wedding cakes. And they are also exciting to eat because they contrast with the spongy consistency of the cake, and the creaminess of the frosting They bring back all the memories and fun of eating rock candy as kids with the sophistication and craftsmanship of more adult tastes.

    5. Fresh Fruits

    Fruits and cakes have always gone together, and there are many traditional recipes that make fruit the primary feature of the wedding cake. Decadent, rich, creamy and sweet wedding cakes are just the perfect canvas to pair with bright and fresh red strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries. Their delicate sweetness and tanginess complements with wedding cakes and helps to add complexity to the flavor while reducing the excessive richness and sweetness of wedding cake frosting. They look elegant and beautiful, add new levels of flavor and are easy to source, what is there not to like about berry-based wedding cake decorations?


    Above, you will find creative ideas for wedding cake decorations. If you are preparing to order your own wedding cake, or are currently going on tastings, these recommendations are definitely worth a look. These suggestions playoff new and popular trends in cake design, focusing on what is new and exciting, and they also pair well with the palette and profile of wedding cakes.

    If you have a unique wedding venue then it is best you narrow down and choose your wedding cake decorations beforehand so your final cake can match and pair perfectly with your venue. Opt for berry and fruit-based decorations for a summertime wedding, edible flowers an elegant evening affair, and more eclectic options if you are feeling adventurous! Your private event venue will make recommendations about where to place the cake to give it the most prominence, and to amaze your guests!

    Annalisa Gangi
    Annalisa Gangi
    Annalisa is Sales Manager at Harbor View Loft, a unique San Diego wedding venue, known for its 360-degree view of Coronado, the San Diego skyline, and the beautiful harbor itself. Annalisa books weddings, events, and corporate functions at this breathtaking location, and working with clients to find their ideal event package. She enjoys blogging about tips and trends in the wedding and event industry and sharing her perspective with others.

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